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Leena Asks:

Hi rati n other IMBB beauties..This is leena from banglore. I am a software professional.

I have a small issue.I have dark circles. I got because of my work on computer.My face is fair n pimple free.but my under eye, it is really depressing. I have tried many brands..garnier eye roll on,vlcc,biotique seaweed gel, even a ayurvedic cream..but no use.

Pls pls suggest me a best eye cream.It would be very helpful to me and many other software professionals..



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  1. overall i feel you ahve to take care of your under eyes regularly. like make sure that you use it twice a day.

    good morning everyone. :))

        1. Nothing much…me reading a book on design patterns..and revising some stuffs for upcoming work!! πŸ˜›

          Very boring feeling so sleepy now!! :wilt: :yawn:

  2. Hi Leena..try using Oriflame’s Seeing is Believing cream..I have used it and it does reduces the dark circles and puffness around the eyes efectively..the only cone here is that it will take some time for the effects to show but you need to be patient :toothygrin:
    here is the review of oriflame’s cream –

    Also I have heard great reviews of Avon’s Solutions Total Radiance Eye gel
    the review for avon’s cream is here –

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

    1. waaah parita…. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
      shabbbaaaaash cheethiiiiiiii :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:


  4. i have used the Body Shop eye cream and that works for me. my under-eye concealer also goes on more smoothly.

    (I bet Leena is really confused now) :stars: :stars:

    Leena – would be good to know what you finally chose

  5. well i got my list
    1st – aroma magic both eye cream and eye gel πŸ™‚ as dey r sasta and heard many good reviews πŸ™‚
    2nd – lotus wala tapas has reviewed it
    3rd – avon total radiance eye gel or jovees eye gel
    heheheheh dis is my list will go from 1st to 3rd in order and will test each eye cream fr 2 months minimum πŸ™‚ to analyze the results
    i pledge :jog: to get rid of darkcircles in 6 months :fingersxd:

  6. slightly massage with almond oil everyday before you hit the bed.
    every morning place (cotten dipped in rose water) or Keera or alternate between both for min. 10 minutes on the eyes.
    repeat the above process 4 – 5 times in one day atleast once a week (there should be 2 hours gap in between)
    Drink lots of water
    Sleep peacefully for 7 hours
    Say good bye to stress

  7. wise woman=aruna
    rati do i wa syelling jungli vala nav ka bdayyyyyyyy!partyyy pijaaaaa!!!!!!aur :cheers: beer?khi khi

    1. hehehhe..wish i was πŸ˜€ pretty dumb with the eye creams..i just keep looking for better concealers to hide the problem than to remove the root cause itself

  8. i use eye cream am 21.i no get dark circles nah whn i grow old .;)

    aruna give estee lauder a try and something from sk-ii if u can. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

    1. estee lauder it is..(basically i dont have enough patience to finish one dabba to see if it really works). I like TBS also becos its a perfect base for my undereye concealer.

  9. Wow :)..Lot of suggestions..thats why IMBB is a hit :)) ..thnks a lot:)..first i will aroma fab on…really thnkx a lot rati for posting my query..

  10. thnks to all of say bit confused..but i will try your suggestions..lets see which one saves me..i will definetly inform you which one worked for me..

  11. the prblm with aroma magic products is availability..once i tried in Health & Glow,whitefield forum .value mall..but out of stock.. I will try in another mall..

  12. aruna i can say i am the same.i have lil acne and mainly pores and post acne marks but i just dnt feel like using a concelr i want to clear my face and then maybe put conclr lil here and thr.i like the treatment part more rather than the hiding one :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

    we sistas here too?khi khi khi(patent nufur)

  13. ha sure i will show my panda eyes (before)..clear skin (after) pics.. :toothygrin: more thing..can anyone suggest best smudge proof eye liner for lower lash line..i would love to use..once i tried lakme liquid eye stinged me like hell:( looking for pencil type..i think lakme eye artist will work on lower lash line..any one had any idea?..

    1. or like VibrantHues said use Faces eye pencil on the waterline. Another tip I recd recently was that if you have small eyes and really dark circles then using black eyeliner on the waterline will only make the dark circles more visisble. better still would be to use a more subtle color like the browns, copper on the waterline and smudge it a bit.

        1. You can try Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner, black shade… price is approx 475….
          once applied, it sets and never smudges and doesnot fade for atleast 6 to 8 hours… if you rub, it simply fades away, but doesnot smudge…

          I am also a software prosessional… so can well understand your pain with the dark circles πŸ™‚

          1. Also, i did buy lake eye artist… but it didnot work for me at all :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
            but since it has got great reviews, you may try…
            i somehow, couldnot manage to use it on lower lashline

              1. yes, it did poke badly!!! that is why i dont like the product
                but somewhere in a tutorial saw that people do use it in lower lashline… 😐

  14. ha best idea .. prevention is better than hiding..thats why I concentrate more on products that reduce dark circles..than concealers..

  15. ha using lotus herbals kajal on is very good..i want something on my lash line too one of my frnds told me to use eyetex liquid liner on lash line..i want something long stay one..can I use eye artist rati??..

  16. Try faces pencil in black for lower lash line – it glides on sooooooooo smoothly and stays intact for 6 7 hours
    Rati has already reviewed faces pencils I think

  17. i want faces so bad!!!they have wonderful pencils ,nu and rati both have reviewd here!
    the blue is gaawwwwwjusss :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. ya its very pretty. IMBB introduced me to Faces. have never even heard of this brand before. Glad I got introduced to it cos I love it :yahoo: i have the Forest Green, navy blueish color, Aqua Blue, Black eye pencils and their Brilliance eye kit which has 5 eyeshadows, 1 mascara, 1 eyelids primer and brow color

  18. I have the green shade forest green – it’s soooooooooooo wow wowww
    I m looking for a brown shade one now

  19. thnks fly girl:) n rati:) too want to try faces pencils..they are available garuda mall..any one from banglore can try them..

  20. Buy from Fashion and you they are being on sale
    I brot it for 250 Bucks from Faces counter in a mall in hyderabad
    the next day i saw sale on F&Y and each pencil was 174 bucks :pan: ( but order 2 to 3 items to justify shipping charges too :manicure: )
    Anywaz considering the quality i dont mind spending 250 too πŸ˜€ :pompom:

  21. mein to counter shipping jhanjatttt!!!!!onlien shonline taubaaa!! :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  22. hehehehheh i didnt order anything yet frm F&Y
    but my frd keeps ordering stuff from F&Y and dey pack in a satin cloth and send
    I love der packaging :cute:

    1. oh not at all raunak…in fact their 3 step wasnt suiting me for some time and i had stopped using clinique …and i dont like the toner meant for my skin type πŸ™ not everything from clinique is good πŸ˜›

  23. Hi…. I have used…oriflame ” seeing is believing” undereye cream… Aroma Magic Almond Eye cream too… but the best one I have used so far is the Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 anti ageing eye cream. :waytogo: A very small cute little bottle priced a bomb…. but woth it!!!

  24. oh thas bad.i always wnatd to try thr skin care.just saw in picture mumbai meet vali.u held a bag then too isliye socha u fond of clinique !!!! :hunterwali:

    1. u should try ….ask them for samples πŸ™‚

      i had that bag cos i bought take the day off makeup remover…and i got a sample of their new formula toner (mild)…that one is good πŸ™‚

  25. Hi ,

    I have been reading the IMBB blogs from couple of days.Love the reviews… :thumbsup: Finally thought of asking for a little help, from where can i buy “blossom kochhar’s almond under eye cream” from pune or is it available online?
    I am having severe dark circles :wilt: **Heridity**…

  26. I am very pale with awful under eye circles. The ONLY cream that works is Shiseido Benefiance. I know it costs a lot, but it delivers a lot. If I put it on on regular basis I can even skip the heavier concealer (Estee Lauder Double Wear 02).

  27. Hey Friends!!!
    Today I suddenly found this blog….Its awesome….great great great…simply great. :yahoo:
    I have got some Questions….
    1.I have got horrible dark circles. I have used from oriflame to Guarnier but not working at all. basically I have got very sensitive and fair skin. and this black devil looks like contrasting with skin tone.please tell me what to do. I have never used makeup and don’t want even.
    2.Suggest me some nice face packs for my sensitive skin which I can buy from any beauty shop.
    3.I am looking for some stylish hair cut for my long and straight hair.
    Please plz plz help…

  28. have anyone tried Oriflame’s Time Reversing Intense night cream and eye cream??
    pls suggest me if they are good for a 40 yrs old woman having dry skin.
    Thanks to all.

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