Richfeel Under Eye Gel Vs Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel

Richfeel under eye gel versus oriflame aloe Vera soothing eye gel

I am reviewing two under eye gels comparatively today. I am more into cooling under eye gels rather than heavy creams. Both have their own place though but for the summers, sleeping with a light under eye gel on feels very nice. Coming back to the gels, richfeel has a line of products and is owned by two trichologists mainly but I have no idea why they have diverged into skin care as well:P oriflame needs no introduction.

richfeel eye gel and oriflame

Rich feel under eye gel: price rs 100 for 30 grams
I saw this at a local parlour and asked her if she has it for sale. I thought it may be similar to aromatherapy products I don’t know why but at least the pricing was around the same. The tube is quite big considering it’s an eye gel.

(From the tube)Use: The richfeel under eye gel is a unique revitalizing formulation for stress on the delicate skin below and around the eyes. The gel nourishes the skin and makes it soft and smooth.


Directions for use: apply the gel below and around the eyes overnight.


About the gel:
The gel is a very light orangey, almost transparent one and is mildly sticky in texture just like some aloe Vera gel. The consistency is thin but not watery. It feels very light on application and just three circles around the eyes with the ring finger will make it vanish into the skin. It dries up to cool down the under eye skin in my opinion. Rich feel has got some herbal ingredients in it too. Quantity for one application is not more than half a pea-sized. It does leave a very mildly sticky and little shiny feel of course on the skin but I do not bother with it much. I mostly use it overnight and do not recommend using it at the daytime or topping it with a concealer. It’s more like a maintenance product for me not doing much to my under eye shadows or circles. Don’t expect any lightening of dark circles from this one. Just massage it in circles to get the maximum out of it. The only catch is that it may not be available so easily.


Oriflame aloe Vera soothing eye gel: with organic aloe Vera extract:
Price: 179 for 15 ml

From the tube: cooling eye gel with soothing aloe Vera extract.
This gel is again so similar to the rich feel one just that it’s a little thicker and more transparent, fragrance free like the above. It also feels less sticky than the above and doe not have that sticky after feel to it. The tube feels tiny and the quantity required is just the same as rich feel. This one gets absorbed even faster.i likes to leave it over night though if u have to be in front of the computers whole day. U may want to try this for day time as well. This is just a maintenance product again n does not target dark circles. I am not sure about how much it cools but just doesn’t feel like anything under the eyes once applied.

gel swatch

gel swatch2

Last word: both of them are good gels so to say. If u have to get an eye gel, I found the rich feel one more cooling but more stickier. Rich feel is also worth the price. The oriflame one is lighter out of the two for day time. Then there is the aloe Vera factor for oriflame as well u if are an aloe Vera lover. Both would do nothing about your dark circles but I find both of them very cooling and refreshing. I personally feel very happy at the fact that I am supplying moisture to under eye skin
Ps: Sorry about the shampoo comb size comparison. Couldn’t find a pen at hand:P


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27 thoughts on “Richfeel Under Eye Gel Vs Oriflame Aloe Vera Soothing Eye Gel

  1. neha i also have that combo.. got it from the body shop :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i use fabindia gel for summers. it doesn’t seem to do much for me bt i just like the feel of it. 😛 these sound similar. i stick to eye cream only. as it is i have dry skin. only creams seem to do some justice to my skin :struggle:

    1. Rati, you have heard the the name richfeel is your email subject line. I have sent you a review on its shampoo n conditioner ages back, but you dont ever print it. Boo! :hunterwali:
      my internet connection is being abitch today. :scream:

  2. oriflame seems to have so many nice products. i’m getting tempted to fetch meself a membership and get my products for sasta. :yahoo:

    1. :woot: han do that
      i hate rich feel ka cleanser n massage cream myself 😀
      but this gel is cooling enuf :thumbsup:

      1. i wonder how come they ventures into skin care. their hair products are good (read: effective for troubled hair)..

  3. first point first.. y u said Oriflame doesn’t need an introduction.. u r missing out a very Imp person here whose ‘prem’ is all filled in all oriflame reviews on imbb.. :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:

  4. iv tried a few richfeel products … they were quite nice…though not this one…
    i used the orifalme gel though..i didnt like doe nothing at all to me :wilt: :wilt: :wilt:

  5. Aloe vera gel has a cooling effect that was already natural which soothes saggy eyes and even more treats burn. They have the necessary essentials which immediately treats burns and those part underneath the eyes. And lastly, this feels great to have since it’s cheap and available everywhere.

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