Bikini Wax vs. Brazilian Wax

Bikini Wax vs. Brazilian Wax

Today’s topic is an “ouch” one, well we have all tried all sorts of waxing, armpits, legs as well as bikini line. There is one area we might need to muster courage to wax-the bikini region.Lack of knowledge in turn could scare you even more, something like getting a tattoo done, I always tell everyone, two out of my three tattoos did not hurt 😀 Here is what you need to know about bikini vs brazilian waxing.


Waxing removes hair from the root, making the hair regrowth slower.Well, once you choose to go clean and sexy, you can decide how much hair would you  want to get removed…both are painful no doubt but knowing what happens exactly in each would help you choose better and be prepared better.

There are many alterations on bikini and Brazilian waxes, which are described by the amount of hair they eliminate and according to how much exposure you are comfortable with in front of your aesthetician.

Bikini wax:

There are categorically two types of bikini wax, “classic” and extended” . The classic one starts at the leg creases and stops at crease of the central bikini area. . The amount of hair taken off for an “Extended” wax involves hair removal as per the client’s preference. This could include just taking a little hair off from the sides and top, to being as close to a Brazilian where there is a little landing strip left. Bikini wax is done wearing panties or bikini bottoms and it essentially removes the hair that grows outside of the area where bikini bottoms rest.This is done with regular wax strips.As painful as it gets, try to relax while the procedure is on and also try taking a pain killer beforehand.Another useful tip is to prep the area with exfoliation beforehand.
Brazilian wax:

This includes the removal of hair from the belly button upto the buttocks. It would need your comfort level in the hands of a licensed professional, to be naked waist down. This kind of wax( bikini as well) needs a professional experienced professional to get best results. This includes removing hair on and around the bikini area upto the buttocks. This is a full on clean wax unlike the bikini wax which includes less hair removal. This kind of wax is also known as a “Sphynx,” bare waxing or Hollywood waxing, it will leave you completely hairless from belly button to buttocks. It could also be done according to the preference of the client. Again, prep, take a painkiller and exfoliate beforehand for the pain.
Be sure you are in safe licensed hands, and explain everything you need to your salon professional. Stay out of the sun for a day post wax to avoid any skin irritations.Also, the best time to get a wax done is a week or two after your periods.Also the week prior to your periods could be most painful for hair removal. Also, try to get your wax done in early hours of the day, so the oil and sweat build up would not interfere with the wax.

Though I hear getting a Brazilian wax leaves you with a “balloon”-like feel in your abdomen 😛 but it has a lot of benefits, top most being silky clean feel for a very long time as opposed to shaving.

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14 thoughts on “Bikini Wax vs. Brazilian Wax

  1. I so wish I could muster up the courage.. One time I even booked my appointment but eventually chickened out.. *scared*

  2. Very informative article Neha.. u hv covered all d points really well.. d technician shud b experienced, pop a pain killer an hour before and going during the days u’ve mentioned do help to bring d pain levels to a bearable limit.

  3. Let me share my experience as i got it done 2 weeks before ( for the frst time ) finally gathered up the courage to get my wax done (Brazilian wax) though most of the parlours call them bikini wax only. i was so scared of pain and my room mate encouraged me… girls just chill and make sure hair are not very long.. no need for painkiller. It all depends on your mind set and also the beautician.. keep talking and make sure the beautician is experienced and not amateur and go for aloe wax or chocolate. dont go for normal wax as it may hurt more. The feeling after wax is just amazing and no more razor bumps or itching down there 🙂 *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. and yes better go just after bath as at that time, hair is soft… also its more hygienic to go just after bath

  4. Very informative post neha di.. *clap*, though a bit ouch one *hihi*, thanks for increasing our knowledge.. *puchhi*

  5. I got a Brazilian wax done earlier this month (goa trip and I wanted to wear a bikini) and I wasn’t prepared BUT it wasn’t as bad ( I decided I won’t think too much else I would have chickened out). Not sure if I’ll ever get it done again but was worth a one time experience. Next in my list – a tattoo :).

  6. Gals, this is a nice info.
    any idea which parlour is gud for brazilian wax in Bangalore and in Coimbatore.
    Anyone who tried, pls share the info.

  7. Rati……i have been following this website since my last year in college and i must say its just awesome for starters like me. I got married last niv and started brazillian wax 6months in advance

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