Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil Review

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This is my first review of a skincare product – Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil. It’s something that most of us require in our day to day skincare routine. With the increasing usage of makeup in our lives, it has become essential to have a good makeup remover handy.

Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil Review

A few months ago, I ran out of my usual makeup remover and my regular cleansing milk was not working well either. I ran to my nearby store to pick up Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover, but it was not in stock. The SA suggested me to try this one out. I was surprised to see the quantity of the product, as compared to other cleansers, this one seemed good value for money. Read on to find out if this product could win my heart or not!

Product Description:

BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil For Face, Eyes and Lips is an ultra-gentle, all-in-one formula that dissolves even stubborn makeup with nurturing 100% natural botanical extracts. No harsh rubbing required. Keeps skin calm, soothed and moisturized. Powered by exclusive BXL Complex for the most energizing, nourishing and strengthening skin effects.

BXL Complex is a new power source for intercellular communication. The result of advanced skin research, it is a precise blend of 100% natural botanicals and biologically advanced ingredients essential to healthy skin life. Helps stimulate cell renewal and elevate hydration and nutrition levels from within, producing a youthful environment for stronger, more resilient skin to rise up to the surface each day.

Special Features:
• Organic
• Non GMO
• Vegan
• Gluten free
• Paraben free
• Cruelty free

Kushumbhi Oil-2.5% • Arandi Oil-27.0% • Neem Oil-1.8% • Soya Oil-15.0% • Badam Tail-3.0% • Surajmukhi Tail-12.45% • Malakanguni Oil-0.75% • Til Oil-37.49%

How to Use:
Apply to cotton pads or wash cloth. Gently wipe over face, eyes and lip areas, AM and PM.

INR 499 for 200 ml.

Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil Review

The cleanser comes packed in a silver colored cardboard box that has all the details printed over it in white fonts. Inside the cardboard, comes a transparent bottle with a silver screw cap. The bottle has a protective plastic cover that covers the mouth with a small hole to pour the cleanser. The bottle is quite big in size and hence, I won’t call it travel friendly. But for travelling, you can pour and contain some of the cleanser in a travel sized bottle. Over all, the packaging looking decent and classy, and is worth the price.

My Experience with Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil:

Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil Review

It’s only an oil based cleanser. Not a bi-phased water + oil type. Since the consistency is completely oil based, is quite thick, but non-sticky. It actually feels like a blend of gel and oil. It can be easily poured into hands, can be applied easily and be massaged directly onto the skin.As the remover is quite thick, it gets deeply soaked up by the cotton ball and therefore, a lot of quantity of the remover needs to be taken. This leads to excess use of the product and a lot of wastage too. Hence, I apply the product directly onto my face and massage it nicely and then let it soak for 5 minutes and after that, I use a cotton pad to remove the makeup.

Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil Review

Not only the makeup comes off smoothly, but at the same time, the oil imparts benefits to my skin too. In the bottle the cleanser appears cream in color. But after pouring on hands, it’s clear. The cleanser has a mild, non-irritating fragrance to it. It has various kinds of natural oils in it that provide various beauty benefits to our skin. The neem oil makes it a suitable oil based cleanser for oily and breakouts prone skin.

Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil Review

This makeup remover is a boon for dry skin too. But, since it is oil based, it does not leave my skin as fresh as other cleansers. I have to use a foaming cleanser after this in order to remove the oily layer of the cleanser.


Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil Review

Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil Review

Note : In the picture, I had used Faces Longwear Eye Pencil and Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick- Addictive Magenta, because these are not only long wear products, but they leave a stain too. I let both the products to set and then wiped the cleanser using a cotton ball over it. It took away every trace of makeup efficiently with 2-3 swipes.

Pros of Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil:

• Organic and cruelty free.
• Despite being an oil based product, it hasn’t broken me out.
• Works very efficiently in removing every trace of makeup and dirt from skin without causing any harm.
• Easy to spread and apply directly onto the skin.
• Doesn’t possess very strong or irritating scent.

Cons of Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil:

• The oil based formula of the cleanser will bound you to use a foaming cleanser post use to remove the excess oiliness.
• Packaging is not really travel friendly.

IMBB Rating:

4.8/5. For being a natural oils based cleanser.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Biotique Advanced BXL Cellular Cleansing Oil?

I’ll surely recommend this product to every makeup wearer. It is suitable for all skin types as it neither makes the skin super dry and the oil is rather beneficial for the skin. So, one can remove makeup and grime and pamper their skin at the same time.

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  1. I was looking for a good makeup remover…this seems to be a good choice…I will have to look for it now. Nice review Supriya. 🙂

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