Biotique White Advanced Fairness Treatment Review

Biotique White Advanced Fairness Treatment

Hello to IMBB family,

Many of you who have read my articles must know about my crime of picking products claiming ‘fairness’ or ‘whitening’. Today’s product is no exception . My today’s pick is Biotique White Advanced Fairness Treatment. I have a pretty good experience with Biotique as a brand. Winters are the only time where I can try creams or moisturizers on my face otherwise my skin is so oily that I can’t use any of these. So utilizing this weather I picked up this product because it said “whitening” :P.



INR 89 for 50gm

Shelf life:

3 years



What the company says about Biotique White Advanced Fairness Treatment:

Fruit has been the juice of health and vitality since the beginning of time, rich in essential vitamins, nutrients and natural skin brighteners. This luxurious advanced fairness treatment cream is blended with the juices of pineapple, tomato and lemon fruit to visibly lighten skin for a fairer, flawless look, with regular use, skin reclaims its soft, smooth, youthful tone and texture.


• Medicinal herbs
• Organically pure
• Dermatologist tested
• Preservative free


My experience with Biotique White Advanced Fairness Treatment:

As I have acne scars so I am always attracted towards products claiming whitening or scars reduction. I came across this product while I was at online shopping and instantly added it to my cart. I am using this for quite some time and now it is almost on the verge of finishing. I thought I will review it as the cardboard box was taking too much space in my cosmetics basket.


The product comes in a white tube with a green colour flip-open cap. The cap is tight enough. The texture of the cream is thick and firstly I looked at it I was like “No I can’t use it”. But when I applied it the very first time it got absorbed into my skin. The cream gets absorbed very easily and leaves your skin smooth. The weird part is its smell. It smells very bad. I tried getting used to its smell but I couldn’t. The cream did not break me out contrary to other creams which did. The cream did not help me in oil control instead my face was more oily after 1.5-2 hours of application and I had to use tissue many a times to wipe it off. I used it religiously day and night and hoped that it will diminish my scars if not improving my complexion. But I did not see any visible changes even after one tube. Overall it is a no- problem cream and can be used daily if one can tolerate its weird smell. So summing up.


The Good in Biotique White Advanced Fairness Treatment:

• Cheap
• Easily available
• Small tube hence fits in the bag
• Did not break me out
• Natural ingredients

The Bad in Biotique White Advanced Fairness Treatment:

• No whitening effect, did not diminish scars. It claims to lighten the complexion in 2 weeks. I did not see any effect.
• Made my skin oily after 2 hours.
• I doubt if it is preservative free, how can it have shelf life of 3 years!   *shock*

Will I recommend Biotique White Advanced Fairness Treatment?

Dry or normal skin beauties might give it a try if you can stand the smell. I will not buy it again as did nothing to my skin texture.

IMBB Rating:


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16 thoughts on “Biotique White Advanced Fairness Treatment Review

  1. Nice review Anchal..this is the output expected from the fairness creams..and very true abt the skin turning oily after 1.5-2 hours of application..

  2. Uhhhhh this did not do anything *spank* *spank* was totally attracted to get this like you *hihi* *hihi* *thankyou* for the review.. saved a few bucks *happydance* *happydance*

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