10 Body Language Tips to Be a Confident Woman

By Chanchala Bose

Hi IMBBians,

Your body language plays a major role and highly impacts your personality. There are certain clever tricks that can make you look confident in every given situation. Read about these awesome body language tips and tricks below.

Don’t cross your arms or legs

If you cross your arms or legs then it might appear a bit defensive or it might seem that you are too guarded. Some people can also perceive you as an unfriendly person. In fact, at times people might think that you’re trying to hide something or are not interested in the conversation. So whenever you’re talking to someone, make sure your posture is normal.

Eye contact

Eye contact is a very important element of good body language. You must know that at which point you have to make an eye contact and at which point you have to just let it go. Also, eye contact doesn’t mean that you need to stare at the person. Just look at the person in a soft manner.

Group communication

When you are sitting in a group or talking to a group then you must be equally responsive to everyone. It should not appear that you are paying attention to just one person and ignoring others.

Maintain some space

If you sit on an alternate chair or stand with wide legs while communicating with someone then it will not come across as a negative sign. It just means that you like to keep some space and it shows that you are comfortable in your own skin.

Relax your shoulders

While talking to someone you need to relax your shoulders a bit. Just keep yourself calm and sit back and relax.

Keep nodding regularly

This is a very important point. If you are not nodding when someone is talking to you then this will be taken as a negative sign. So, the best way is to nod at regular intervals but don’t go overboard with it.


Lean in but in a neutral way

First of all, you should not lean in all the time. Second, you need to keep it understated when you do. Sitting straight or standing straight is a symbol of confidence. So, avoid slouching when you are in a formal setup and lean in just a tiny bit when you’re trying to emphasize something.

Smile vs laugh

There is a difference between smiling and laughing and you must remember that. Smiling is very gentle whereas laughing can be too expressive and loud. So, you need to decide whether to smile or laugh, depending on the social situation.

Head high

You should never lower your head. Just keep your head high because lowering your head can be taken as a symbol of disrespect or low confidence.

Don’t talk too fast

Talking too fast can also be taken in a negative way. So, you should try to speak slowly and in a low pitch.

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