The Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream Review

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The product that I’m reviewing today is a hand cream with sweet almond oil and Brazil nut oil by Body Shop.

tbs almond hand cream

Price – Rupees 620

Like our face our hands also need a lot of attention. We don’t forget to moisturize our face every day but do we really give our hands the attention it needs. We wash our hands several times in a day, and each time we wash it loses its moisture. It is very important to keep your hands hydrated all the time to reduce wrinkles and keep our hands soft! And of course we use our hands most of the time to handshake and greet (Unless you are in Spain or Italy) 🙂

If you are blessed with soft hands you are very lucky! My hands are dry and also the cuticles around my nails get very dry and sometimes even tear. I specifically wanted a good sweet almond oil based hand cream as sweet almond oil is very effective in keeping skin moisturized and gives it a natural glow. It is also known to improve complexion.

I picked up Almond hand and nail cream from Body shop. In addition to sweet almond oil it also contains Brazil Nut oil and panthenol.

FYI – Brazil nut oil is one of the community fair trade products by body shop. Community fair trade promotes harvesting using traditional methods in order to yield finest products and support local farmers.

Benefits of Brazil nut oil – It again has moisturizing properties like almond and prevents dryness. It provides antioxidant benefits too.

Benefits of Pantehnol – It is used to deep moisturize the skin as it has good absorption properties. This is one reason why the cream gets easily absorbed and doesn’t leave skin greasy.

Does it work? – Yes 😀 The dryness has gone, my hands are super soft. What I love the most about this product is that it gets absorbed in no time, it provides deep conditioning. The products that I used earlier did keep my hands hydrated but the cream washes off each time I wash my hands. So I feel dryness immediately after washing my hands and need to re-apply the cream soon after. But with this cream, very little cream is lost on washing as most of the product is already absorbed by the hand. My hands remain hydrated for a longer time without the need of reapplying the cream every time I wash my hands. Cuticles around the nails are also lot softer.

tbs almond hand cream swatch

It comes in some metal kind of tub and has a screw cap making it spill proof and travel safe. It requires very little quantity and spreads easily. So I believe this 100ml tube will last longer.
The quantity shown in the picture is enough for one hand. Second picture is after I massaged the cream, it’s not at all greasy.

It’s doesn’t claim that it improves complexion, even though I would expect it to do so as it has sweet almond oil in it, however with one week’s application it hasn’t shown its effects yet. I hope it at least helps in making the skin even. I tend to have darkness around my knuckles; it would be nice to even it out. Although my hand does look soft and healthy, I haven’t seen visible difference in lightness of the skin. Anyway as I said the product doesn’t claim to do so I wouldn’t blame it.



Pros –

• Conditions nails too
• Sweet almond scent – It has very subtle scent which is very pleasant.
• Against animal testing
• Deeply moisturizes the skin
• Non-greasy
• Spill proof and travel safe.

Cons –
• Unattractive packaging, even in the store you will find the product with dents on it. When I first saw this product I thought it was a damaged piece and did not buy it. But when I visited another store I found the product to be in the same condition as the previous store. Also I think the product should be sealed, how you would know if the product has been already used for testing purpose. With so many dents on the package you feel it’s a used product.

Hope this helps . 🙂

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  1. deepika,

    I have tried the hemp hand care range from TBS and I totally love it. Would give this a shot for sure. 🙂 I sort of like this kinda rustic packaging. 😀

    1. oh yeah. I have used crabtree’s rose fragranced hand cream. and it was pretty awesome. i mena if the fragrance is mild, it is a good experience . else it gets a it overwhelming. You try and let me know. 🙂

  2. Happy teez Rati di, Sweta and Poonam. 🙂 i have seen Teez only in tv serials and seems so interesting and exciting. in my family, the ladies fast on the day of karwa chauth. 🙂

  3. What’s Teez ladies?? Is it Karva Chauth? I, too, have seen Karva Chauth celebrations only in t.v serials.. 🙂
    Oh and this was a much needed post! I was thinking about getting a hand cream since winters are fast approaching. Imma get this one.

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