The Body Shop Lily Cole Hi Shine Lip Treatment Review

The Body Shop Lily Cole Hi Shine Lip Treatment Review

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Its August and with the onset of monsoons, we can also see this favourite sign looming about everywhere “SALE.” Whether in individual stores or in a mall, we can find this sign printed in every manner. So, with the best of intentions, we women become prey to this one word and take out all our savings to indulge into the best bargains the term “Shopping” bestows.

The Body Shop Lily Cole Hi Shine Lip Treatment Review

I was into The Body Shop Store and got myself a few things that I had been on the lookout for since a long time. Along with those, I also purchased a few items that had been recently introduced, amongst them is The Body Shop Hi Shine Lip Treatment in Shade 02 Go Wild which I have planned to review. Actually, the salesperson persuaded me into purchasing this and am I glad: Let’s see why?


Rs. 400 for 6 ml. Did not get any additional discount as it’s a limited edition product signed Lily Cole and has been recently introduced, but did get the usual member’s discount of 10%, so the cost was Rs. 360.

It comes in a small squeeze-out tube packaging and is encased in a transparent body through which you can easily see the amount remaining (to decide when to purchase the next one :P).  As seen in the picture below, the fluid is mauve in color and contains numerous silver-colored micro particles to provide that shine on application, but when taken out, looks a very light pink.  I tried taking the picture, but the color was so light that it appeared almost transparent, so finally gave up!


It has a slanting tip, just like in a lipstick with a small vent in the centre for ease of application, but still I prefer to use a brush. It has a distinct fruity smell (not a very strong one) that I am unable to identify (sorry I am very bad at identifying and relating smells, my nose doesn’t happen to be my best sense organ) and lingers on for sometime; just doesn’t evaporate after application. It provides a subtle shine to the lips, not a glossy one and also doesn’t give that gluey sort of feeling, can be used alone and also with lipsticks.

Hi Shine

Here is the list of ingredients, but don’t know what to make out of this code language 😉

I have applied it directly to my hands in the picture below and is that of a single swipe, as you can see no color as such is visible and doesn’t appear very glossy, just like some watery substance with shine. Also, it looks good with matte lipsticks. Its lasting is pretty good, but cannot survive a complete meal, only moderate snacks when eaten with care. After a single hand wash with soap, I could still see those shiny micro particles on my skin.

Lily Cole

Pros of The Body Shop Lily Cole Hi Shine Lip Treatment:

  • Ideal for those who don’t like anything too glossy.
  • Small and sturdy packaging, can even fit into a small clutch or bag.
  • Doesn’t have that gluey or cakey feeling.
  • Love the fruity smell.
  • A small amount is enough and spreads easily.
  • Travel friendly.

Cons of The Body Shop Lily Cole Hi Shine Lip Treatment:

  • Quantity is very less.
  • Towards the end, it is difficult to get the product out.

It does what it says about Hi- Shine, but about Lip Treatment, well can’t say anything as my lips are neither broken nor chapped in this season, but slightly pigmented. I have been using it only for two weeks now and let’s see if it can do something about pigmentation in the long run. Can’t find any other, if anyone does you are welcome to add one.

Will I Repurchase The Body Shop Lily Cole Hi Shine Lip Treatment?

Both yes and no, if I can find something better else. For now, its really good for me as and can simply do with the product alone.

IMBB Rating:

I would rate it at 4.5/5, points deducted just for the minimal quantity.

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9 thoughts on “The Body Shop Lily Cole Hi Shine Lip Treatment Review

  1. Sad this turned out disappointing 🙁
    Though ive heard the lily cole collection is great! I particularly loved the shade of eyeliner in the collection… But its terribly expensive… 795 bucks :O

    1. Yes the lily cole collection is very expensive, they had this lip and cheek shine in a small dome shaped structure for 880. just slipped it though

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