Carmen Chopstick Curler CT4610 Review

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Hello IMBBians,
We all love beautiful manes! We are never satisfied with what we have. When we have naturally straight hair that most people love, we want curly hair and when we have curly hair then we use straighteners to straighten it! I have wavy and fine hair. While I don’t like poker straight hair, I love wild curls and I was looking for a product, that provides dense curls and today’s review is about the one I found, Carmen Chosptick Curler CT4610. So read on to know more.

Carmen Chopstick Curler CT4610 Revie

What the company claims:
An ultra-thin curling iron to create a super-fine bunch of curls! Carmen CT4610 Chopstick Curler is an extra thin curling iron lets you create a style with sleek, delicate curls. With a beautiful full head of curls you make your glamor look, biker look or bohemian look completely. Thanks to 360˚ swivel cord of up to 1.8 meters you have enough freedom to make your hair easy to style. The curl portion of the Carmen CT4610 Chopstick Curler is equipped with a ceramic coating. This layer will protect hair in combination with a care product against damage. So your hair stays healthy and your hair long model. Because the CT4610 Chopstick Curler is fast warm, you can after switching almost immediately start curling.
– Ceramic coating for healthy hair
– Swivel cord for easy use
– For a beautiful full head of curls!
– The extra thin curler creates delicate and tight curls
– Curls that stay all day in form
– Fast warm-up time
– Cord Length: 1.8 m

Price: €25


My Experience with Carmen Chopstick Curler CT4610:


I hardly use any heat products. I have fine hair and when I had straightened my hair for the first time, it was very thin and looked ridiculous. And that was the last time I tried a straightener and then I always was looking for a curler, as it would add little volume to my hair. As I have naturally wavy hair the bigger diameter curling wand didn’t do any difference and thus when I was looking out for thinner wands, I came across this product.


The packaging is simple! The curler comes in a box with a leaflet of instructions. The curler is very simple. The curler is corded and the cord is quite long and easier for curling. The curler hold is purple and black in colour. The end of the hold has a cord and the holder is sitting on the top of a 360˚ wire holder and thus the curler can be turned around. The tip of the curler has a heat protectant tip, for holding when curling the hair. The curler doesn’t have a temperature control and you cannot adjust the temperature. There is a slide switch for on and off and once you have the switch on, the blue light switches on but I do not understand the concept of it, as the light stays on always.


The curler length is long and it can be used for longer length hair too. The curler is said to have a ceramic coating but I always use a heat protectant. The curler is very thin compared to the others.


To be frank, I haven’t seen a curler this thin. The curler is used to create compact curls. The curler warms up very fast. It takes around 15-30 seconds and is ready to go. The curler gives ample movements to create perfect curls. The curler creates wild dense curls.


The curls are created instantly. The curls are really good and so dense. The curls stay long and more than 24hours. The curls also stay the next day and stays for half a day and then the curls get loose. The curls are great and I absolutely love the dense curls! As it takes thin strands to create dense curls, it does take a lot of time to create curls.


It takes me approx. 1 to 1.5 hours. The only downside I find with this curler is that, when curling there is smoke coming out and for the first time I felt that my hair is burning but this occurs occasionally and doesn’t cause any damage to the hair.


Overall, it is a beautiful product and it is a must have to create those curls of Kangana Ranaut! So Summing up:

Pros of Carmen Chopstick Curler CT4610:

• Creates wild, dense, compact and tight curls.
• Has ceramic coating.
• Doesn’t damage the hair.
• Curls stay long.
• Warms up fast within 30 seconds.
• Long cord and 360˚ movement.
• Adds volume to the hair
• Price Friendly.

Cons of Carmen Chopstick Curler CT4610:

• Sometimes there is smoke while curling.
• Corded.
• No temperature control.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Carmen Chopstick Curler CT4610?
A big yes! The product is perfect for creating beautiful compact curls.

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  1. Wow! I always wondered how girls got such small, tight curls. Never knew something like this was available…am sure once done on complete hair, you can achieve curls as beautiful as the likes of priety zinta.

  2. Yes Shagufta! Its a beautiful curler! but you can also achieve these kind of tight curls using a chopstick too 🙂 If you dont get this curler, you can try:)

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