Hair Straightening Tools That Won’t Damage Your Hair

By Chanchala Bose

Hii IMBBians,
Most of us are fan of hair straightening and we are well aware of the damage that it does to our hair. But we don’t stop torturing aka straightening our hair. So, why not come up with some tips and tricks or may be use such straightener which can do favour on our hair rather than torturing it.

Hair Straightening Tools That Won’t Damage Your Hair

So, let’s begin with some easy peasy tips and tricks for hair straightening tools that won’t damage our hair;

1. Begin with a thermal protectant:
This is a must, to use thermal protectant before applying any kind of heat to your hair. A thermal protectant acts as a shield to your hair and protects all the strands of your hair.

2. Set low temperatures:
Always aiming for higher temperature is not the solution. Go for lower temperature and give it some time to work. This will surely take care of your tresses and the damage will be much lesser.

3. Ionic, Ceramic and Infrared:
Flat irons with metal plates and fixed heated temperatures can cause a lot of damage to your hair. So, try to go for ceramic straightener with infrared and titanium technology. That way your hair will stay healthy and nourished in the long run.

4. Use vented brushes:

Hair Straightening Tools That Won’t Damage Your Hair 3

A vented brush is equipped with vented hollow centers which allow the air to flow through the brush and reach your hair. This ensures speed drying of your hair. In this way the damage to your hair is less severe and this ensures the long health to your hair.

5. Go with infrared heaters:
Look for hair styling equipments which are equipped with infrared heaters. This ensures that you can dry your hair even from a distance and this will make your hair dry faster and ensure long life too.

6. First dry and then style:

Hair Straightening Tools That Won’t Damage Your Hair 2

You must know that wet hair is not meant for styling as this will cause unnecessary hair breakage. So, go for towel drying at first and then style your hair. Now, if you use a hair dryer and then style your hair, just estimate the amount of damage you are doing to your hair with two different tools.

7. Condition condition condition:

Hair Straightening Tools That Won’t Damage Your Hair 4

If you are looking for long term hair health, then don’t forget to condition your hair, this will ensure that your hair remains healthy life long. Conditioning is like nourishing your hair and minimizing the damage as much as possible.

8. Replace within a year:
It is believed that if you keep on using old hair straightener for long time then they can damage your hair more. So, it’s best to keep replacing with the latest technologies within a year’s time.

9. Section your hair with hair clips:

Hair Straightening Tools That Won’t Damage Your Hair 5

Using more and more time on hair straightener can cause irreversible damage to your hair. So, it’s best to prep and section your hair with hair clips, this will ensure that you can straighten your hair fast and thus minimizing the damage.

10. Direct heat downwards:
Do you know that if you blow dry your hair in a downward direction, it will prep your strands for the upcoming hair straightener and reduce the damage, as the strands will get straightened in a short time.

So, these were some easy peasy tips and tricks from my side to take care of your strands. Hope you like the article.Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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