Catrice #150 Into The Maroon Lagoon Luminous Lips Lipstick Review

Product Purchased by IMBB

Skintone – Wheatish; Lips – Dark, pigmented, dry
Hello IMBBians,
Catrice Cosmetics launched a new lipstick range and being within the budget, I wanted to pick some up. I only have pink lipsticks and so I wanted to try something else. So read on to know more about Catrice Luminous Lips in the shade Into the Maroon Lagoon.
Catrice Luminous Lips Into the Maroon Lagoon

What the company Claims:
The pampering texture with hyaluronic acid visibly plumps your lips and feels wonderfully pleasant. The finish is smooth, offers intensive shine and has a medium color-dispersion. Soft nudes, feminine rose shades, intensive pink and classic reds complement any style.
• Lipstick with an intensive shine and a pampering texture.
• With hyaluronic acid.
• Visibly plumps the lips.

Price: €3.99 for 3.5g

Ingredients: No mention of ingredients on their website or on the product!

My Experience with Catrice #150 Into The Maroon Lagoon Luminous Lips Lipstick:

I have a wheatish complexion and pigmented lips and the shimmery ones do not suit me; with my complexion, berries and pinks are the most suited ones. What really attracted me was the claim that it plumps up the lips. I am no fan of big pouty lips but there is no harm in trying! So I picked this one up.

Even though there were prettier shades from pink rose to nudes to browns, none of the colors suited me; moreover I didn’t want dark colors and pinks. So I picked this one up which is hint of maroon. The fragrance is a bit fruity and tastes like a flavored berry lip balm. I have a tendency to taste my lip sticks.
lipstick bullet

The packaging is classy, it comes in a silver metal case and this was quite different than the ones that are in a plastic case. I keep dropping and breaking the lids of lip balms and lipsticks and hence this is an advantage for me! The cap is very tight, once it clicks, it cannot be easily opened. It is a little relief if you have small kids around who keep putting things in their mouth! Overall the package is travel friendly and satisfactory.

The color is a dark pinkish hue of maroon. The color looks like it has a sheen but it is very little and fades away quite quickly making the lips looking semi-matte. The lipstick provides a very good coverage and doesn’t settle down in the creases of the lips. The color is very trendy and I have been mixing the pinks and maroons to give a new color to the lips at times. The lipstick blends very well.
maroon lipstick

The lipstick is really soft and glides perfectly filling up the lips. Building up the color is easy too. I do not go more than 2 swipes as it covers all the pigmentation perfectly. Without a liner, the lipstick does bleed. So a lip liner is a must for the lipstick.

The staying power is very good. The lipstick along with the lip liner on freshly exfoliated lips stayed for 4-5 hours with few snacks and 2 drinks. The color started fading lightly. By the end of the day, there was light hue left and everything was gone. Removing the lipstick is easy too and you can remove it with coconut oil or a makeup remover and it comes off easily. The lipstick doesn’t dry the lips. Coming to the plumping claim, I didn’t find any visible plump on the lips. I am not sure if it works for all or no.

So summing up,

Pros of Catrice #150 Into The Maroon Lagoon Luminous Lips Lipstick:

• Subtle color suitable for any occasion.
• Good pigmentation.
• Lasts long.
• Building up the color and blending is very easy.
• Soft and easy to glide.
• One stroke is enough to cover the pigmented lips.
• Affordable.
• Doesn’t settle in the creases.

Cons of Catrice #150 Into The Maroon Lagoon Luminous Lips Lipstick:

• Bleeds without a lip liner.
• No plumping of lips as claimed.
• No mention of ingredients

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase Catrice #150 Into The Maroon Lagoon Luminous Lips Lipstick?
Yes! I love the color as it is suitable for any occasion.

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