Catrice Eyebrow Set Review

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Well defined and carefully groomed eyebrows are state-of-the-art and ensure an expressive look. This can be achieved by using eyebrow gel, powder or pencil to transform subtle and natural eyebrows into expressive ones. In the past, I have used eyebrow pencils and was not happy with the results. So, I switched to an eyebrow powder from Essence and was happy with the results. But, you know how tempting gets when you see a product you have never used before. I wanted to get my hands on Catrice Eyebrow Set for long, but it was always sold-out. But last week I luckily got the last piece. Yay! I clicked some pics before using the product for you all. Read further to find out if it’s better than the Essence one.

Catrice Eyebrow Set Review5

Product Description:
The ideal tool for gorgeous, shapely eyebrows: the practical CATRICE Eye Brow Set. In addition to tweezers, a brush and a mirror, it also contains two shades of powder for lighter and darker eyebrows, which can be perfectly aligned to suit your eyebrow color. A true all-rounder in an elegant case.

3.99€ for 4gms approximately 280 INR for 4gms

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My Experience with Catrice Eyebrow Set:

Catrice Eyebrow Set Review

The packaging is very cute and handy. The lid closes tight. The palette has 2 colors – one dark and one light. There is a small drawer on the side which opens and that is the place to store the mini tweezers and applicator brush.

Catrice Eyebrow Set Review1

The dark brown one is for people with dark hair color and the light one is for blondes. The light one is of no use to me or I need to find some hacks, let me know if you have some!

Catrice Eyebrow Set Review2

I have few sparse areas in my eyebrows and I use the product mainly to fill in those areas. It makes a huge positive difference once I fill my brows. I never leave the house without filling my brows with this. I am so addicted to filling brows with it that I feel quite incomplete without doing so. I usually use a brow gel to keep the brow hair in place.

Catrice Eyebrow Set Review3

The pigmentation of the product looks not so great when you see it or swatch it,  but when applied on brows the shade makes brows look just perfect. I was surprised by the outcome, when I first saw it.

Catrice Eyebrow Set Review4

The tweezers and applicators (spoolie at one end and brush at other) are too small to use or handle. Nevertheless, they look extremely cute. I never carry the eyebrow set in my handbag on a daily basis. So, I don’t see a need to use the included tweezers or brushes on the go. I might get to use the accessories included in the packaging when am on vacation or so.

Catrice Eyebrow Set Review8


In normal light

Catrice Eyebrow Set Review6

In sunlight

Catrice Eyebrow Set Review7


Catrice Eyebrow Set Review9


Catrice Eyebrow Set Review10

Pros of Catrice Eyebrow Set:

• Cute packaging
• includes tweezer
• Includes a spoolie and applicator brush
• Not expensive
• Good quantity for the price
• Shelf life, 24 months

Cons of Catrice Eyebrow Set:

• The light color is not useful for my skin tone (as a eyebrow filler)
• The tweezers, spoolie and applicator brush are too small to handle/use

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Catrice Eyebrow Set?
Sure, it makes my brows look perfect and well groomed, so I’ll go for it again!

Would I Recommend Catrice Eyebrow Set?
Definitely, especially if you are looking for an amazing product that can fill in your brows.

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3 thoughts on “Catrice Eyebrow Set Review

  1. I would have loved it even if it were not this cute! It’s very thoughtful of them to include mirror and other such tiny tools, which will definitely prove beneficial to a lot of women. The effect it gives is quite subtle and natural, I like it.

  2. Now that’s exactly how one should package their product… By adding a mirror and a working applicator, the product becomes handy!! I love the shade and also gives amazing looking bushy brows without making them look creepy black! 😛 😀

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