Chambor #11 Moss Eye Contour Pencil Kohl Review

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They say the eyes are a window to your soul and because that is true, I think it is best that one’s eyes should always be in the best condition! I think Indian women especially have very flattering eyes, they are so expressive just like a kuchipudi or Bharatnatiyam dancer. I think it is because Indian women have been wearing kohl over the generations, it has now just become a part of us and many of us do not even consider it as makeup! Eye pencils are such a wonderful way express your eyes and when it is coloured kohl that we are talking about this just takes it that extra one step further! So relax and stretch your legs, let us get some eye excitement going!

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The Chambor Eye Contour Pencil Kohl is the most simplistic and minimalistic eye pencil. It is a simple grey pencil and has a not so special look to it. The black print says chamber along with the name of the shade and the bottom of the pencil is colour coded to the shade to make it easy to identify in your stash. The clear plastic lid on the pencil is pretty sturdy because I have repurchased this several times and I had abused it thoroughly but it has never broken or cracked on me. These pencils are also Opthalmologically tested and therefore are safe for contact lens wearers too!

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I cannot find anything regarding the ingredients for this online. But I do recall that on my most recent repurchase of this product that there were no parabens in the formulation and of course it had some siloxane or silica derivative in it. (I remember this from the primary packaging that I tore off!)

My experience with the Chambor #11 Moss Eye Contour Pencil Kohl:

Firstly, I just have to say that I love colored kohls. There is so much variety in your looks when you use a color on your waterline – it can completely change your face! And this product helps you do exactly that! It has never given me a burning or stinging sensation in my eyes on use at all. The color is called Moss but it is a beautiful metallic and shimmery dull army green which really compliments Indian skin tones. I have a little partiality for these kind of colours and I’m always collecting greens because I find that they really stand out against my jet black eyes.

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You can use this product on your waterline or as an eye liner on your upper lash line or lower lash line. I have found that with use on the waterline (I have never tight lined with this by the way) the colour tends to fade away from the waterline in about four hours of use. It does not smudge or fall on your under eye area which is a good thing. Whenever I have used it as an eye liner it makes my eyes stand out so beautifully and it does not smudge from its place at all. The darker colours in the same product to have a tendency to run or smudge, but not Moss! I have also used this on my lower lash line and it is super easy to smudge with a brush or a q tip. Seriously, this color makes black eyes stand out in such a sexy manner, please swatch it at the next available opportunity!

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This product is so smooth and creamy, I love using this without the worry of it scratching even the most delicate surface super close to my eye. There is no drag with this product either. I have used this all over my lid as an eye shadow and also as an eye shadow base to intensify other green eye shadows that I have worn over it. In this aspect too, it has worn very well throughout the day! I am very pleased with both the pigmentation and the staying power of this shade; I know a lot of people have not liked other shades in this line. I honestly think I just got lucky with this colour! Even when you need to sharpen this there is such little wastage which makes this a gem of a product. I think that this is definitely an affordable pencil that you could include in your makeup collection, especially if you are just starting out.

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Pros of Chambor #11 Moss Eye Contour Pencil Kohl:

  • Creamy
  • Smooth to use
  • Does not drag
  • Good pigmentation
  • Good staying power
  • Great for black eyes

Cons of Chambor #11 Moss Eye Contour Pencil Kohl:

None at all!

Would I repurchase or recommend the Chambor #11 Moss Eye Contour Pencil Kohl?
I have repurchased this and I can see myself getting this again because I am partial to such a green. But I do recommend you swatching it for yourself and maybe testing it on your eyes too! You’ll love it!

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