6 Khaki Eyeliner Photos, Swatches

Khaki Eyeliner : My Collection

Khaki Eyeliners - My Collection

When I think of what eyeliners I can never give up apart from regular black; khaki eyeliners always come to my mind. I am wearing eyeliners (mostly black) for the past five years or more and the only color that I would safely wear any day, anytime except black is khaki.


My tryst with moss green liners began with the Avon’s tiny pencils in khaki shown in the picture. They were not from Avon’s regular line, but were on some sort of offer for less than 75 Rs. I think and since then I picked up khakhis. By the way, I have three of those khakis from Avon as back up coz I just love that perfect khaki for me at such an awesome price. Since then, I have picked up Chambor Long Back, Henna Gold in Lakme eye-glide, Colorbar Moss Green, and recently VOV Sea Green from Fashion and You. The last one is though a little goldeny khaki and we must be careful with that one. I usually put it on top of a khaki pencil, otherwise it’s only the gold that shows in the Sea Green VOV one.


Let’s start with my favourites:

Avon Luxury Eyeliner In Khaki:


I got these a year or so back from some clearance sale from Avon and picked up three as they were the perfect khaki for me at a perfect price. This is a greenish one with soft golden shimmers, easy-to-sharpen regular wooden pencil. I am still not sharpening it much as I really don’t know when those three will finish and don’t know when will Avon have them next or at least a close dupe of that. By the way, there is a “hunter one” already launched in glimmer sticks in the next campaign for Avon and I am sure to get that!

Colorbar Moss Green:


Colorbar eyeliner pencils don’t need an intro. The Moss Green is a mildly shimmery khaki and shows up very well on the eyelids. I loved this pencil so much before it started getting harder with time. I am still holding on to it to take it to the Colorbar counter to get a new one and till then I won’t throw this off.

Lakme Glide On Eye Color:


This is Henna Gold from Lakme Nine to Five and they say it can double as an all-over lid color as well. It’s the most beautiful goldeny henna color I could have. But, I very much want to get the new green that Rati got recently.

Chambor True Khaki Eyeliner:


This was a very very early find even before the Avon one. Till then, I had no idea about moss green eye pencils. This is a true khaki so to say with no shimmer, but just a pretty sheen to it. It is in a twist-up form and even has a sharpener at the base, which I love to use even for my other twist-up pencils. Wooden will still be my favourites as I love to sharpen them and keep them neat, crisp, and ready to use always.


VOV Sea Green Glam Shine Eyeliner:


I got this one from Fashion and You for Rs. 189 (which I think is overpriced, but never mind), it’s a pretty intense goldeny khaki and shows up too bright on the eyes. Mix it up with black or use it on top of a darker pencil, is what I say if you intend to get it; no doubt it’s a beautiful green!


If you are in the market for khaki pencils, here are my other suggestions:

• Avon Hunter Liquiglide Glimmersticks, recently launched in the new campaign 9.
• The one that Rati got in Jade, I guess (not sure, I forget) but it’s a very beautiful green again.

Do you like Khaki eyeliners? Which shades of liners do you have?

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89 thoughts on “6 Khaki Eyeliner Photos, Swatches

  1. neha i will love you for this post for one full month. :love: I want all of them.. i love khaki liners :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: neha the henna gold one used to barely show on my eyes. 🙁 loved the VOV one.. is pretty. 😀

    1. :puchhi: :thanks:
      vov mey na wo said ki 250 but 189 on fashion and u
      i got many 😐
      henna gold mmmm han thoda mix match with black or green pencil na 😀

  2. Nice post Neha! I liked the AVON one best! I ve never used any color other than black & plum! Guess i shud give it a try!

  3. wow Neha!! U wont believe me today only I thought of searching Khaki Liners in IMBB and u sorted everything!! :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  4. inne saare khaki :hunterwali: :hunterwali: me wanna more ……….that color bar :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

  5. I am loving the colorbar green moss one !! I liked lakme silk liners gypsy green tht rati showed thts beautiful khaki too! And i have ordered for faces khaki pencil, lets see

      1. i ordered from fashion and you dear, on 4 august , always u cant order actually every month fashion and you faces cosmetics sell kertehein, check out

      1. hehehe….arae i saw the catalogue, liked it a lot n abhi ghar aake read ur article toh instantly called up my frn to order for me. Dont wry, wont blame u :puchhi:

      1. arre i only have 6 colours. :-/ l’oreal brown,avon green & blue metallic wala,flirty torq,prunella and black. m definitely gonna pick one khaki now..may b d colorbar one :))

    1. I’ve normal black eyes. Using only black liners. Wondering if any other shades wud suit me. Not daring to venture into other shades. Wud khaki suit me?

      1. Nehaaaaaaaaaa :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: Bluesss as well :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali:

  6. i don’t have any eyeliner in khakhi….but this color really looks interesting….i liked teh lakme one the bets..not too much glitter…nor very matte….will try it out… :))

  7. such pretty liners!!!!! :woot: :woot: I have never tried khaki liners! ( now I wonder why :methinks: ) I’ll definitely try them out, I like the VOV and Colorbar one’s most :teddy:

  8. Akhiya milaun kabhi akhiya churaun…kya tune kiya jadoooooooooooooooo :stars: lovely post neha :thanks:

  9. I love khakis..the more the merrier….I never got Lakme Henna Gold – some kind of jinx..somehow any counter I ask for it at would have “just run out of stock.” 😐

  10. neha I soo love khaki liners !! have heena gold..bt does not show up much sadly 🙁
    even I want the new lakme gypsy green..dats soo nicee.. :thumbsup:

  11. wow collection neha :thumbsup: … i always keep 1 pencil for evey color but tere ko to 1 hi color mei itne saare pencils rakhne ki aadat hai… :silly: :tongue: :tongue:
    but i liked the lakme n avon 1 the most.. mai abhi chk karti hun uska online catalog.. :yahoo: :yahoo:

  12. Awesum collection neha.. flattered by colourbar wala green.. me too want that :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: .. n so many pencils of a single shade.. :bash: :bash: :bash: :bash: .. i m jealous…

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