Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame Review

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame Review

Hey Girls!

Has it ever happened to you that you have bought a lipstick and after some time, it makes no sense why the hell had you bought it? I don’t think this would happen to you, but I am a *star* in this! I always end up buying useless products because the SA is convincing enough or I have the illusion that I have enough money to waste *rolls eyes.* Anyway, this lipstick is a perfect example of how I ended up buying a wrong shade for me. Anyway, let me tell you about the lipstick in detail:

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame Review

Product Description:

Every lipstick has a story to tell and so does the Chambor Lipsticks. A Splash of Color and a Kiss of Silk with Chambor’s New Silk Touch Lipsticks. Chambor now releases its latest “Haute” Lipstick: the Classic Silk Touch in a dreamy avatar that dresses your lips with an array of looks: from daring to delicate, innocent to sexy for all moods and for all occasions. A perfect basic lipstick which is a must-have for all Chambor loyalists. Chambor introduced this lipstick, with its captivating sheer luminosity and feather light feel. Available in a wide range of 18 captivating hues. Our favorite lipstick shade this season is the Silk Blaze, which suits the festive mood of celebration this year. So go on and have splash your lips with 18 different shades of Silk Touch!

Well, I agree about all the points mentioned above. I ended up buying the wrong shade but that is not the company’s fault.


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If anyone from Chambor is reading this review, please pay attention. A lipstick with no shade indication on packaging other than just the name is NOT GOOD! I have only two from this range and the names “Silk Star” and “Silk Flame” don’t help me in identifying the shades at all! The packaging is a classy deep blue and silver contrast.  I quite like this color combination of Chambor.

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame


550 INR approximately for 4.5 gm.


This could be a wearable red for someone who is scared of bright reds.  This can be safely defined as a subtle carrot red.  The color slightly leans towards brown, which makes it a perfect day-time red lipstick. It is a pity that this shade adds years to my face, otherwise this could have been a perfect “day wear red” for me.

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame

Staying Power:

This is the saddest part of these lipsticks. They stay not more than 3 hours on me and go off with a heavy meal leaving a very light reddish tint behind.

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame


These lipsticks are scented and the fragrance is quite prominent. I may not be able to explain the fragrance exactly, but do sniff it once before buying. I don’t like the fragrance of this lipstick.


The texture of this lipstick is really smooth and it glides easily on my lips. This has never made my lips feel heavy no matter how many layers I apply!


Awesome! One swipe and I get the intense color on my lips, it hides the pigmentation too very well.

Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame

Pros of Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame:

  • Quite moisturizing.
  • Huge shade selection.
  • Gives an opaque finish even in a single swipe.
  • Hides pigmentation well.
  • Easily available.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Gives a luxurious look to the lips.
  • Does not feel heavy on the lips.

Cons of Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame:

  • Packaging! I don’t buy any more just because I am too lazy to open a lipstick to know the shade.
  • I got a wrong color but that is my mistake.
  • Staying power could have been a bit better.
  • Irritating fragrance.

Somehow, I compromise on the above-mentioned cons as I love the formula. It gives a luxurious and moisturizing feel to the lips which I adore.

Will I Repurchase Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame?

I will try a couple more from this range and Powder Matte range.

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (-1 for staying power and packaging).

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22 thoughts on “Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick in Silk Flame Review

  1. Chambor really does make good lipsticks, I am in love with the Powder matte range…..this one looks good too Ila 🙂

    1. This one is good Jomol if you have dry lips, I have dry lips and this is quite good for them. I am yet to try the Powder matte ones 🙂

  2. Nice Shade…. allmost all the chambor shades are Nice. I Have Pigmented Lips and a swipe of chambor lippys is enough to hide them and make Lips look lusious :D.

  3. Nice review Ila..I’m so attached with the powder matte lippies.Its time to buy the silk range.I rem yet another shade that was reviewd.Silk star.I liked it a lot.
    This color too looks nice.Its my sort of shade.. 🙂

  4. Very nice review Ila! I like the shade – do they have the same nauseous smell as the powder matte lippies, thats the only reason I have stopped buying them.

    1. It has a waxy smell Aarbee, even I am not a fan of it. Do sniff the tester before buying but I always feel the testers loose the smell because they are kept open the whole day! I dont know the smell of Powder matte ones but this one has a peculiar smell which many gals may dislike.!

  5. that is one gorgeous color ila. 🙂

    aarbee, same reason i never go back to chambor lipsticks. That smell just does not go too well with me. 🙁

    1. I knowwwww, the only one I have gave me a headache the few times I wore it. And whether the color stays or not, the smell definitely stays on like FOREVER!

    1. hihi! same with me! in the store lights, I feel the shade makes me look hot, but outside I realise it makes me look …. u know na 😉

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