Chilli Paneer with Gravy Recipe (with Photos)

Recipe Chilli Paneer with gravy

Hi IMBBians i love chilli paneer it can be served as appetizer as well as in main course, so here is my recipe for you

150 gm. Paneer cut in cubes
2 big capsicum cut in stripes
1 big onion thinly sliced
Ginger sliced
Oil two Tbsps.
Salt as per your taste
Pepper as per your taste
Corn flour 1 tsp. dissolved in ½ cup warm water
Tomato sauce hot and sweet
Soya sauce
1-Cut capsicum, paneer, onion and ginger

chilli paneer recipe

2- Heat oil in a pan

heat oil in pan

3.Add ginger

Add ginger

4. Now add onion


5. Sauté till onion changes colour
6. Now add capsicum


7. Add salt and pepper as per you taste
8. Now cover the pan for 1 minute

cover the pan

9. Uncover the pan and add paneer cubes

paneer cubes

10. Add Maggi hot and sweet sauce 2 tbsps. If you don’t have hot and sweet sauce then you can add 1tbsp simple tomato sauce and 1 tbsp. chilli sauce.

Tomato Sauce

11. Now add 1 tsp. soya sauce

Soya Sauce

12. If you want gravy then add ½ cup water let it boil then add Corn flour 1 tsp. dissolved in ½ cup warm water


13.Let it boil for few seconds

Serve hot

Tip-If you want to fry cottage cheese pieces then make a thick paste of 1 tbsp. corn flour and2 tbsp.Maida to coat the paneer and fry in hot oil til golden.
Another tip is soya sauce contains little bit of salt so keep this in mind before adding salt.

That is all, hope you like the recipe.

How do you prepare chilli paneer?

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