Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil Review

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil Review

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Hey all,

I am here today to share with you all the review of a wonderful product that I got from Clarins.  It’s their body treatment oil, which I chose from the sponsored products list.  I have never used a skin toning oil before and was apprehensive to choose one, but one of my friend who had used it gave me the confidence that it’s really a good product and worth giving a try.  So, got it and let’s find out whether I had a good experience with it or not.



$57 for 3.4fl/oz.


Essential Oils of Rosemary, Geranium, Mint: fragrance and promote a feeling of well-being, tone and energize. Hazelnut oil: nourishes, maintains skin’s moisture level.


Product Description:

Clarins #1 selling body oil with 100% pure plant extracts including Rosemary, Geranium and Mint — helps firm, tone and improves elasticity, reducing the appearance of stretch marks resulting from pregnancy. Hazelnut Oil softens smooths and hydrates by locking in moisture. Aromatic natural botanicals promote an overall feeling of well-being. Preservative-free.

How To Apply:

Apply a small amount to damp skin, over the whole body or concentrating on problem areas. Lightly massage and follow with a cool shower if possible. For even greater effectiveness, use a Clarins exfoliator once a week.  Particularly recommended during pregnancy.

My Experience with Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil:

The main purpose of the oil is to help the skin in toning, firming, and reducing stretch marks and with that, it provides much needed hydration to the skin. Speaking of the packaging, the oil comes in a cute but little transparent bottle from which you can see the yellow oil inside, it looks bright and nice.  It does not have a stopper or nozzle, so one has to be careful while taking the oil out. The texture of the product is oily, but it’s not a heavy oily which would make you feel “soggy” once applied.


It has an awesome floral scent to it which would make you feel like you are in heaven. Due to the oiliness, I apply it in the night, so that in the morning, my skin will be healthy and then, it’s also easy to wash off.  I have a lot of stretch marks due to my weight, so I started applying it on an area where I have some tiny stretch marks and to my surprise, continuous usage of the oil did fade away the stretch marks.  I still have them, but it’s not what they used to be.  It’s like a magic oil, does help in firming up skin and helps in erasing marks from the skin.


This oil from Clarins is really a great one that will make you feel like you are having some big spa treatment at home, resulting in soft skin.  The price is a bit on the higher side, but all of us would like to use a product that’s working to reduce stretch marks and also helps with firming up the skin.  Just a point to add, my friend used it during her pregnancy and said it helped to reduce her stretch marks a lot.


Pros of Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil:

  • Nice packaging.
  • Nice combination of aromatic oils.
  • Reduces stretch marks, especially during pregnancy.
  • Gives soft skin.
  • Hydrates skin.
  • Not a heavy oil, it’s mild and relaxing.
  • Indulge in a great massage with this oil before you go to bed.
  • Rosemary, geranium and mint – helps firm, tone and improve elasticity.
  • Good for sensitive skin too.


Cons of Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil:

  • Without a nozzle or stopper, a lot of oil gets dispensed through the opening.  Given the price tag, I cannot afford wasting the product.
  • Some people may not like the rich oil texture.


IMBB Rating:


Those of you who have stretch marks due to weight issues and pregnancy, can try this oil out.  I would assure you it will do magic on your skin too, but pregnant ladies should consult with their doctors first before using.

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