Clean Provence Eau de Parfum Review

Clean Provence Eau de Parfum

clean provence eau de parfum
Perfume description, via Sephora:

The soft, fresh beautiful scent captured for centuries by the fine milled soaps of France is now a very special perfume by Clean. Reminiscent of pure soap and water, freshly laundered linen, and open blue skies, Clean Provence will pamper you with its inviting, just-lathered, delicate fragrance.
Launched in 2004. Available in 1 oz and 2.4 oz sizes, priced $38 to $69.

clean provence
Top notes – Provencal Lemon, Cotton Blossom.
Heart notes – Rose, Geranium, Sweet Lime.
Base notes – Violet, Musk.

The Clean line of perfumes didn’t really pique my curiosity because fragrances that smell ‘clean’ or laundry detergent-like just aren’t my thing. I tend to go for citrus scents or richer, gourmand ones. So why do I have a bottle of the Clean Provence perfume? Well, it’s sort of a hand-me-down from a relative who knew I liked perfume. I was happy to receive it of course, and glad to have an opportunity to try something from the Clean brand that might make me change my mind about clean types of scents.
I’d like to let you know though, that I tried my best to sniff this perfume with an open mind. I didn’t even read the notes for it before I tried it for the first time, and was expecting a fancy soap type of smell right away, since that’s what it says on the label after all, so I was a bit surprised when I smelled a strong citrus upon spritzing. It was lemon, in particular, which is one of my favourite notes. I don’t like it when someone smells lemon in a perfume and quickly concludes that it smells like a household cleaning product, but after using this on three occasions, sadly that’s pretty much how this perfume’s opening smells like to me. It smells pretty harsh.

A soapy scent joins the lemon shortly afterwards, and these do not mix well for me. It brings a musky undertone to the citrus and the fragrance is a bit heady at this point. Fortunately, after about thirty minutes pass, Clean Provence begins to smell smoother, no longer sharp, and I get a touch of sweetness, in which I can smell rose (another favourite) and other florals. It starts to smell much better—a light, sweetish, neat, simple rose, and it is quite light hearted and brings flowers and summer cottages to mind. If this is what the fine milled soaps from France smell like, I would love for all my soaps to smell just like them.

It dries down to a faint violet scent, and lasts only three or four hours on me, but that’s fine. This is an uncomplicated, and yes, clean, somewhat soapy floral scent that gets me in a relaxed mood. I realized that perfumes can smell ‘clean’ each their different way, and can appreciate the simplicity of this perfume. Overall I would say that I like this, but I don’t love it. I’m not rushing out to buy more perfumes from this brand, but I’d be interested in smelling their other fragrances.

I would recommend Clean Provence to those who like clean or soapy scents, light florals, or rose.

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