Ralph By Ralph Lauren Eau de Toilette Review

Ralph By Ralph Lauren Eau de Toilette Review

Ralph by Ralph Lauren was released in 2000, and was composed by perfumer Alain Alchenberger. It is classified as a fruity floral fragrance. Ralph captures the energy, spirit and personality of today’s young woman with a colourful, floral fragrance: sparkling green apple leaves, zesty orange mandarin, charismatic pink magnolia, seductive purple freesia and soft blue musk. It costs $47.50 (approximately Rp. 2174) for the 50ml size, and $62.50 (approximately Rp. 2860) for the 100ml bottle.

Ralph Lauren

Top notes: Japanese osmanthus, Apple leaf, Italian mandarin
Heart notes: Magnolia, Boronia, Purple Freesia
Base notes: Musk, White Iris.

This review is for the original Ralph perfume, which is the one in the blue bottle. The three other bottles in the photo above are its flankers (variations on the original fragrance, often released as limited editions): Ralph Hot, Ralph Rocks, and Ralph Wild.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph is a perfume I keep purely for sentimental purposes. If you notice in the photo above, the bottle I own looks pretty much beaten up. This is because I’ve had it for about five years now, and for a time carried it in my purse everyday. It was the first perfume gifted to me by my husband, back in college, when we were still boyfriend-girlfriend. He was able to buy it by saving his weekly allowance, and surprised me with it on my birthday, Valentine’s, or Christmas…well, I don’t remember the exact occasion, but I do recall that I thought it was very sweet of him.

Ralph Lauren

The box and bottle of Ralph are a cool blue which I think is very apt for the fragrance. To me it smells aquatic, or as some call it, a ‘sporty’, or fresh fragrance. At the same time it is also fruity, and floral, so that it’s not masculine, but rather, like a fresh floral fragrance for girls. Writing this review now, I can see why my husband selected this particular scent. We couldn’t have known each other truly well back then and it seems he chose based on his taste—he loves fresh fragrances.
I think it’s really cool to check out what the top, heart, and base notes of a fragrance are, while smelling the perfume. It helps me identify what I’m smelling exactly and see how combinations of certain things smell. Like with Ralph Eau de Toilette, when I spray it on my arm and put my nose to my skin immediately, what I smell is primarily something similar to apple, but sweeter. It is fruity and citrusy, and seems like it would taste delicious.

After a few minutes, I also detect a fresh, clean scent. It does not smell like soap, but more like freshly-washed linens, already dry but still swaying in the breeze on the clothesline. Combine this with light florals and the apple-y, and berry-like fruity note that’s always present, and you get the fun, happy, girly scent of Ralph.
Ralph reminds me, most definitely, of my carefree teenage days. It’s obviously targeted towards younger girls, and while it smells good enough, it is a rather common scent and nothing special. For someone who generally doesn’t care about perfume and just wants to smell nice, fresh, and fruity (like my teenage self), this would be a good pick. However if you’re looking for a fragrance that is unique and beautiful, this is not it.

I no longer use this perfume though I still have a good amount left—mostly because I’ve moved on to exploring other brands and prefer citrusy, or rich, and sometimes complex fragrances. But I wouldn’t mind smelling this on someone I often hang out with. And if my daughter, when she becomes a teen herself, asks for it, well I wouldn’t mind her smelling like Ralph either.

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20 thoughts on “Ralph By Ralph Lauren Eau de Toilette Review

  1. Lovely review. Such a beautiful memory. So sweet of your hubby. Hats off to him. God bless your family with all the sweetness and happiness in life 🙂

    I still have my Ralph too (the same). It was the second fragrance I ever owned. Occasionally I open the box where I keep all my almost empty old fragrance bottles, smell them and reminisce the time I used it. Sounds so ancient. It was around 6 years back when I was in uni 🙂

    1. Deepa, thank you so much! :)) :)) :)) Blessings to your family as well. :))

      That’s exactly how I feel about this perfume and some others! They feel kinda ancient. But I like to smell them occasionally too, to reminisce. :heh:

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