How to Clean Stained Silk and Suede Handbags

How to Clean Stained Silk and Suede Handbags

A nice handbag makes for an attractive fashion statement. For some they are a mere necessity while for others they scream class and style. So, whatever the reason be for you to spend on a bag you certainly wouldn’t want it to be ruined due to your negligence.


The most common problems encountered are stains from color being transferred inadvertently from clothes, makeup, food and beverage stains and pen ink marks.

Caring doesn’t take much work but, will surely save your money to an extent. Mentioned below are few tips to help you take care of your handbag and keep it looking brand new forever!

Tips to clean silk and suede handbags:

Suede Bags: The majority of stains on suede bags can be cleared using a suede brush. If the stains refuse to go away, try brushing with a suede cleaner over rising steam from boiled water. You can also use a white pencil eraser to rub off minor, dry marks.

Note: Make sure that you never use stain removers that do not clearly state that they are meant for suede fabric, as such products may aggravate the stain and cause lasting damage on your bag. Also, try to treat stains when they are fresh. The longer you wait, the less likely it is that the stain will come out.


Silk Bag: For cleaning your silk bag, make a solution of mild detergent and lukewarm water. Always remember to do a patch test before dipping your bag into the solution. It is better not to rub a silk bag as this can spread out the stain and wear out its fiber.

Some other tips to take care of your handbags:

• To avoid staining at the first point never touch your bags with dirty hands. Also, avoid handling your bag after applying beauty products, such as foundations or hand creams. These products contain mineral oils and waxes which will destroy the look of your bag especially if it is made up of leather.

• Before storing your bags, use bubble wrap to stuff them up. Bubble wraps are better than tissues as they do not attract moths like tissue papers.

• Store handbag in its dust bag cover or use a natural fiber soft pillow-cover. Never use plastic bags to store your bags as plastic has the tendency to collect moisture when exposed to excess humidity. Also, store your bags in a dry place without squeezing them to fit in place.


• Along with these home care tips you can also go in for a professional help once every year. This will help you in retaining the original shape of you bag to a great extent.

Hope these tips will help you to preserves the longevity of your handbags so that they continue to add colour and glamour to your style for years to come!

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