How to Wear Leggings

Leggings, tights or what ever you call them are a 80s fashion trend that has picked up again. Though this fashion clothing originated in the 1960’s it was only in 1980’s that it became a hit among masses. Today, it is a hit not among college students only but among all women irrespective of age and not forget size.


Apart from the regular black and brown, leggings are now available in a variety of colours, textures and patterns.

Tips on how to wear leggings:

Following are few tips that will help you get the right look with this fashion craze.

• Always remember that leggings are not trousers. Don’t use them as an alternative to trousers and never ever wear them with sweatshirt or short tops until and unless you want to end up looking half naked.
• Avoid wearing short and tight fitting tops with leggings. Leggings are already well fitted, so you do not have to opt for a tight fitting top.
• Play around with proportions and decide which length looks best on you. Leggings that hit mid-calf might look adorable on a tall, skinny girl, but might make a shorter leg look wide.


• Leggings can look tacky with the wrong footwear. Pair them with flat shoes, like –ballet style, boat shoes, moccasins, low-heeled boots, and even oxfords, they all look totally chic with leggings.
• Pay extra attention to your top if you are women with a short physique. While opting for a top make sure that it doesn’t fall beyond the mid-thigh, otherwise it will look as if you are wearing the leggings underneath a complete dress. Also, stay away from cropped leggings as they will make you look even shorter.
• If you’re heavier on the bottom, choose black leggings paired with a bright top which will attract the attention to your face instead of your bottom area.
• For a perfect everyday wear, go for a pair of calf-length leggings with loose-fitting top, somewhere between mid-thigh or knee length.


• Short skirt with leggings is most popular among people. Choose a denim or corduroy mini skirt and pair it with leggings in a coordinating colour. Pleated mini skirt also goes well with a pair of leggings.
• While wearing a shirt with your leggings always remember that, it should be long and have some volume to balance out the tightness of your bottoms. Dolman sleeve tops, for example, are perfect with leggings.
• Pair them with accessories to make a right impact.
Apart form these tips use a little bit of your own imagination to create the chick look for yourself.

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31 thoughts on “How to Wear Leggings

    1. Absolutely…………I wear them all the time. They are perfect for all ages. They are called churidaar leggings.

  1. wow! thank u soooo much for the article!!! being from Pune/Mumbai leggings were never a part of my wardrobe.. But now that am married to a Delhi guy where leggings and boots are like the most sought after attire in Winters, this article was sooo required!!! thanks again Era!!! 😀

  2. i luv d post. u covered everything era :yes:
    wearing short tops wid leggings z d biggest faux paus 😛 😛 i’ve seen so many girls doing it!
    yeah cropped leggings make u look more short..blunder for short (n pretty :smug: ) girls like me

  3. As alwaz gr8 useful article era 🙂
    wow i want to wear my white top and legging right nw :woot: i just love dat in my wardrobe :woot:

  4. I m tall and slim and 1 thing I have observed on myself is if I wear mid length kurtis with full leggings dey make me luk v thin so I alwaz make sure to pick up below knee length kurtis for full leggings else I wear nrml chudidaars nly fr mid length kurtis
    But knee length leggings or mid calf length leggins suit me well as u have mentioned :yahoo: :dance:

  5. I wear leggings everyday almost!!! i pull up my leggings by putting a plastic bag on my feet… it helps a gr8 deal

  6. my company changed their dress code jeans mon-thurs..i saw more women doing the leggings thing..terrible terrible idea..short kurtas..when they the kurtas its really obscene. :lol2: jeans are dressing sense

  7. m too thin to wear kurti/kurta..especially with quarter or full sleeves 🙁 n poor me if i put on weight sara lower half of d body mein jata hai :reallypissed:

  8. here the ladies go crazy with leggings- the mexican-cuban ladies are quite full figured and they wear tight/short tees with leggings and what not…. half the time my hubby gets more frustrated looking at them.. heheheh specially on esaclators and stairs… :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  9. Though I am a great fan of leggings, I reckon it is a double edged sword, Bodes well for girls/women who have fuller thighs with proper mass concentration. But for women with fat thighs or thin frame, under developed thighs, it is a real eye sore, fashion disaster of epic proportion.

  10. Great article..I have been a silent reader here..but couldnt resist posting now…nice article.hehe…I love leggings..they are like life saviours..cuz being a med student i cant wear jeans to i have a lot of legging n kurtas :-D:-D:-D:-D

  11. Depends on the material of the leggings too. The ones v get in india can only be worn under long kurti. Some r thick materials tht can b worn at work n look very elegant. They come in many colors too. I agree short kurti look ugly worn on top of leggings. Thts y these thick ones cN b worn with short tops. (Not very short)

  12. for wearing short tops or jackets, we can go for jeggings.. they look really chic.. i am tatally in love with them.. i pair all my tops with them now.. :-p

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