Coral Lipsticks: Diana of London and Revlon Matte Comparison

Coral Lipsticks: Diana of London and Revlon Matte Comparison

Diana of London Surprise Lipstick #37Matte – Flamingo:

Coral Lipsticks Diana of London and Revlon Matte Comparison

Description about the Lipstick on the Website:

Protects your lips from the summer blazing sun, dry heat and freezing winds. Soft creamy texture, semi matte best shades keeps the lips soft and supple.  Excellent color pay-off and high coverage in just one stroke.  Enriched with Vitamin E and sun filters.  Non feathering and Non Bleeding.  Lips appear healthier, softer, smoother and more radiant than before. Brings comfort & hydration up to 8 hours.

Revlon Matte

My Take on Diana of London- Flamingo Lipstick:

Most of the big rosy description given by the company is all truly met by this lipstick. This is one of my favourite lipsticks in my makeup stack. I just love the shade, the pigmentation, the smooth and creamy texture and the moisturization of the lipstick. It is one bold and beautiful shade that would be great for this fall.

I bought this lipstick around 2 years back for around Rs. 300/- and you can see that I am halfway with it. I had worn it a lot. Actually, this is my first true coral lipstick and I loved the way it makes my face bright and vibrant. It adds a color to the dull face and a dull day. I have got many compliments wearing this shade. It definitely makes you stand out.


L-R: Diana of London Flamingo and Revlon matte Misty spice (2 swipes)

For me, it is not a daily wear kind of a shade, but can give a beautiful color to the lips if used as a tint. It is very moisturising and there’s no need of a lip balm even in the cold weather. No need to top this semi-matte lipstick with a gloss as it has a glossy finish of its own. Pigmentation is indeed awesome and a single swipe would add a great shade on your lips.

The staying power of this lipstick is around 3 hours for me after which it fades away evenly within an hour. It would definitely survive light snacks and a full meal even. It would not bleed, smear or feather away. It has a very sweet fragrance attached with it which you can smell while applying but not for long. Overall, it is a great product and can be easily compared to any high-end brand available.

Revlon Matte lipstick – Misty Spice:

Description of the Lipstick:

Ultra-creamy saturated lip color that delivers beautiful, lightweight matte color without any dryness, caking or fading. Straight from the Runway shades! Beautifully rich matte color glides effortlessly across lips. Suede-like, cushiony feel and with maximum color impact. Beautifully rich shades from nude to deepest berry.


Rs. 525/-

My Take on Revlon Matte – Misty Spice Lipstick:

This is a subtle and muted orange lipstick.  This is kind of a brown orange/coral shade and is a beautiful everyday kind of a shade that would easily suit all skin tones. It can be a great neutral shade for a daily wear or you can build up the color and top it off with a clear gloss for the perfect evening look.

It is a matte lipstick but there is no problem in applying it because of its soft texture. It will not at all smear or feather or bleed and no need for any lip liner, but yes, it may be drying due to its matte texture so better apply a lip balm first. Pigmentation is medium and is buildable. Lipstick is quite opaque and staying power is quite good. It stays on me for a full 5 hours and even more; survives light meals very easily. I don’t find it quite easily transferrable. Actually, I love this shade of orange and after getting this only, I stopped using my Diana of London-Flamingo; for this is a color which is very easy to pull off and suits my complexion a lot.


Comparison of Corals – Diana of London’s Flamingo and Revlon’s Misty Spice:

• While Flamingo is a glossy semi-matte lipstick, Misty Spice is a pure matte shade.
• Flamingo is a bright orange shade (hanuman ji ka tikka type) while Misty Spice is a more neutral coral with a hint of brown.
• Flamingo is very moisturising while the latter can be a bit drying so one needs a lip balm in this fall.
• Misty Spice is a very wearable kind of a shade while the former is surely a more party wear kind of a color.
• Flamingo being a bright orange may not suit all skin tones, especially dusky while the latter is a shade that would easily compliment all skin tones.
• Price of Diana of London lipsticks is less than Revlon Matte though I am not sure of the price right now for Flamingo.
• Availability of Diana of London lipsticks can be an issue while the latter is easily available at many places and online too.
• Pigmentation of Flamingo is insanely awesome while that of Revlon matte is medium to dark.
• Both these shades will not bleed or smear or feather at all.
• Staying power of Misty Spice is better than Flamingo.
• Revlon Matte is an odourless lipstick while Flamingo has a nice lovely fragrance attached to it.

Overall, I do love both these beautiful coral shades a lot. Though I prefer wearing Misty Spice more often, still The Diana of London Flamingo is a bright florescent shade in my lipstick collection that looks awesome for night-outs/parties and special occasions. :yahoo:


For both, I would give a 4/5 considering the pros and cons.

Diana of London Lipstick –Flamingo (in natural light)

lip swatch 1

Revlon matte- Misty Spice in natural Light (2 swipes)

lip swatch 2

Flamingo in flash light.

lip swatch 3

Misty Spice in flash light

lip swatch 4

Thanks for reading. :))

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  1. beautiful lips… I have used diana of london when I was in hyderabad. I still hav few n they r my fav. Could u plz tell me from where I can buy them in mumbail. I hav checked most of the malls. Central ,lifestyle shoppers stop, R mall bla bla bla but I could not find them, can i buy them online? Plz help

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    1. sure jyo/.. there are many luvly shades to choose from :pompom: … these r superb lippies :thumbsup: .. do chk them out.. :waytogo:

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