Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector and Pore Minimizer Thermal-Active Skin Refiner Review

I have been reading so many reviews on Clinique products here nowadays that I thought I should share my 2 cents on being a skin care fanatic.

Clinique had been for years a dream of mine as it’s somewhat expensive and when you have a family that comes first you try not to splurge on so often, but there is a first time to everything so I was introduced to their 3 step skin care system and like a kid on his first ice-cream I went overboard.

Well but today I am here to give my opinion on 2 specific products of the Clicique’s skin care line, that I bought for one of my ‘concerns’ Dilated Pores: Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector and Pore Minimizer Thermal-Active Skin Refiner.


CLinique Pore Minimizer
CLinique Pore Minimizer


I have tried tons of products in the market, most of which made empty promises and gave me unimpressive results. It wasn’t until the day of my Clinique spree when the sales consultant left me with some free products with my purchase, one of which being their Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector.

About Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector – Rs: 1050 – I guess


 Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector
Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector


This product comes packaged in tine lavender, 0.5 fl. oz tube with a silver cap. The opening of the tube is a tiny pinhole that allows a tiny amount of product out at a time. This Instant Perfector comes in two shades: Invisible Light, for lighter skin tones, and Invisible Deep, for darker skin tones.

What the product Claims?

Instantly refine the look of pores with a natural-looking, long-lasting matte finish. De-shines. Resists sweat and humidity, too. Wear alone, under or over makeup for a flawless look. Invisible coverage.
Skin Types: All Concern: Pores Shades: Invisible light, invisible deep


How to use:

  • After your 3-Step Skin Care System, use fingertips to smooth a small amount over areas with visible pores-nose, forehead, chin.
  • Can be used over the entire face.
  • Wear alone, under or over foundation or powder.
  • Foundation can be applied immediately; no need to wait.

For review purposes, I’ll be discussing the Invisible Light shade.

The consistency of this odorless product is somewhat like butter that dries to a soft, matte finish. it did leave my skin with a soft, matte finish which made foundation application amazingly easier than without it. Another thing about this product is it’s lightweight and pretty much disappears into your skin, not affecting the color of your foundation.

However, my skin seems to become very oily about two hours after my first application. This is a good product; I may just need something made for my skin type.

Without Foundation
If you’re the type of girl who wants a low-maintenance makeup routine in the morning, but still want that “finished look,” this would be a great place to start.

Cons and Pros:

  • Good for large pores a little goes a long way.
  • Leaves a beautiful finish., matches skin tone very well.
  • Shows up in my pores; doesn’t disappear fully.
  • Leaves a very smooth finish but my pores still need covering with Balanced Makeup Base foundation. .
  • You might think when you first get this product that a mere .5 fl. oz. won’t last.
  • If you really only use a tiny, tiny amount in application so this product is definitely worth the price.
  • After all its only a ‘fancier’ Concealer, so I think it’s too pricey. But it has lasted me for about 8 months so far.

Verdict: Would I buy again? No. As my Clinique fever has passed I still have to wear foundation over this little chap, so until it lasts, is as much as I would go.

Pore Minimizer Thermal-Active Skin Refiner – Rs: 1350 I think


Clinique Pore Minimizer Thermal-Active Skin Refiner
Clinique Pore Minimizer Thermal-Active Skin Refiner


Heats on contact with water to open pores, dislodge debris. Polishes away skin-dulling flakes with a complex of gentle, effectively exfoliates. Skin feels wonderfully smooth, incredibly clean. Minimizes look of pores-instantly, and over time.

Skin Types: All

Concern: Pores




How to use

  • Massage gently over clean, damp face.
  • For milder warming, rub product on damp fingertips until warming sensation begins, then apply. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Use twice a week or as needed

My views on this product are ever changing due to my combination skin type, in the summer whenever my skin gets a little oilier than normal, it feels just fine and I actually see the difference on my pores size and my overall face’s texture. However when winter comes and my skin is a little drier I do not feel comfortable enough to use it and the heat intensity is really high, and my face stays red for a good 5 mins after.

My Cons and Pros go as follows:

  • A real pore minimizer
  • Does not irritates skin – if you have very dry skin maybe you not give this one a try.
  • Does what it promises – as long as ‘refine’ is concerned
  • Excellent results
  • Feels good – not squeaky clean but clean face
  • Bottle is a pain in the shower
  • Burns dry skin even after washing off
  • Can sometimes burn a little if you have pimples on your face – so if not clear, skip it.
  • Clumps in your fingers & ends up falling off hands
  • Difficult to dispense and disperse on the face

If you have dry skin you might not want to use pore minimizer. it was fine on my nose but my face is still burning even after i have rinsed

More Info on Pores:


Why do pores seem larger as we age?
Chronic exposure to sun and ultraviolet light damages and weakens the supporting structures surrounding pores, which can cause them to stretch over time.

Why do people have different pore sizes?
Heredity and the male hormone androgen determine pore size. Drier skins tend to have barely visible pores, oilier skins tend to have larger, more noticeable pores.

Is it true that only people with oily skin can have large pores?
Generally, yes. Oil production is directly related to the size of the pore—the larger the oil production, the larger the pore and vice versa.

Why do pores get “dirty?”
The “dirt” is actually the color oil turns when exposed to the air—it oxidizes, similar to the process of an apple slice turning brown. Bacteria multiply, feeding off the oil. Some skin pigment (melanin) ends up in the oil, so the darker the skin, the darker the oil.

Do large pores have anything to do with blackheads?
Active oil glands under the surface mean large pores at the surface. As excess oil accumulates at the surface, it can combine with shedding skin cells to produce blackheads. Chronic blackheads may stretch pores and make them larger.

How do I prevent large pores?
Regular cleansing, exfoliating and appropriate moisturizing is the best treatment for any type of skin. And please, don’t squeeze! Squeezing pores causes trauma to the surrounding tissue

Verdict: As far as I learnt that my parents are to blame for my large pores 😛 and nothing is going to change the size, only how I feel about them. I would skip this one as it’s also too pricey for me.
Anyhow it lasts for ages and I use it only once a week and it still half a bottle, let’s see…


46 thoughts on “Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector and Pore Minimizer Thermal-Active Skin Refiner Review

    1. Hi Rads 😀 ubber popular u r maam 😛

      My parents are too blame yaar, and now my husband suffers for the spending on that 😀

      1. My parents have perfectly normal skin…my mom tho has fab skin..and her two daughters..hehhehehe..she is forever trying to disown my sis and me!! Guess its our diet..we love eating junk.. :-((

  1. Well, this was recommended to me by the SA while I was looking at 3-step.. I don’t think I’ll buy and let this pass (as of now)..I have Clarins Pore minimizer and I’ve not started using it.. If I don’t see any change I would give this a try 🙂

    Nice review..

    1. Hi Pryia,

      Clarins is just as good as Clinique, and if you find you should give it a try please do, only you can decide the best for your skin, the only thing i regret was believing on the label alone and not having an informed decision while buying so expensive things (not only clinique btw) but i learnt that my money ought to be respected, and firstly by myself 🙂

      Thnq :rose: its my first review :shy:

  2. I remember doing a trial of the 3 step products at the store month back and while I did find it highly effective all the products reeked of alcohol and seemed very very harsh. I wonder how such strong chemical ingredients can result in a healthy face but to be honest had all the 3 products come for Rs.1500 I would have snapped them up, chemicals or no chemicals. What do the rest of you feel about these products? Has prolonged use resulted in healthier skin or should I stick to herbal alternatives like Shehnaz Hussain, Forest essentials, Body Shop etc?

    1. Anyaa, i really dont think there is much difference if you keep doing the 3 steps with other brands, but they say that the clarifying lotion is the difference maker, so in this case, purchase that one only, the smell is strong even i found it so, but after 3 years u get used to it 🙂

    1. Rati, thank you for letting me in :cute: :shy:

      Its a primer, no better word to describe it…but for the price i use it as concealer only for my pores, that are more prominent on cheeks and forehead, but not too much, so the tube is with me for around 10 months now. But if they offered it as primer no one would buy it 😀

  3. You know i agree about that strong smell of the clarifying lotion but it totally work wonders for keeping my black heads in control. Especially on the days when I am travelling a lot and my face is almost covered with all dust an pollution, nothing works better than the clarifying lotion to clean my skin and pores.


    1. Why don’t you stop traveling so much…stay at home…relax…esp on Sat/Sundays :devil: :devil: :devil: Seriously though, I do agree that clarifying lotion works wonders at pimple control..was actually planning on getting one to use occasionally…like a squeaky cleaning once in a while 😀

      1. oh boy!! so much to plan for Saturday and we are meeting at a better place than our old lame mall. Travelling would be easier for all three of us and so our makeup would also be in place by the time we all meet.

        Sigh! Must get my dress, makeup and accessories oh! shoes as well ready today only. :evilgrin:

        I use the clarifying lotion once in 3 days. That’s about it. 🙂

            1. Oh Rati btw, when it comes to the high end brands i made you my guru 😛

              Have you tried any other 3 steps from the likes of Lamcome or YSL or shisheido (whtever the spell is 😀 )

              Cause as far as Estee Lauder is concerned (and they own Clinique, Mac and half of the world) there are only 2 steps, as they are uber luxe and do not sell soap 😛

    2. Totally agree Rati, it work wonders for me as well, the only thing i feel sorry about is my finances 😀 😀 they bottle is around Rs 2600 now and i do love the dramatically different moisturizer gel, but again around 3k and the pump bottle is what makes me never feel like buying it again…anyways the day the finances improve i might afford buying some more clinique junk 😛 😀

  4. When I did the 3 step process the SA insisted that the 3 products only compliment each other and if I use any one without the other it wouldn’t be as effective. Deb and Rati what do you use your clarifying lotion with? I don’t use a toner and only use a cleanser..can I use it after cleansing? I use Himalaya Oil Balancing face wash/ Kama cleanser/ Forest essentials cleanser. Is buying the clarifying lotion alone a good idea? It seemed really effective and I almost did but the SA told me to buy all 3 as he said clarifying lotion minus the Clinique cleanser won’t be effective and that I need the lotion to soothe my pores after the clarifying.. :\

    1. No I don’t think you need to buy all three. I mean it’s their 3 step thing and it was always designed like that but you can buy individual products as well. The clarifying lotion is alcoholic so I just put a few drops of it on a cotton swab and swipe my face with it . I do that after washing my face and then I follow up with a moisturiser.

      I use clarifying lotion mainly on my T Zone every 2-3 days or on days when I have traveled a lot. It cleans my pores and helps me keep blackheads at bay.

      1. Perfect. I think I’ll invest in it in that case. I’m still on the hunt for a good moisturiser for my combination skin..can you believe I’ve never used a moisturiser for my face till now? 😛

  5. Thanks for the review….I have these ugly large pores on my cheeks thanks to my oily skin n I was very tempted to buy the instant perfecter , but now I think I’ll skip it and just stick to using primers 🙂

  6. could some one tell me where to buy authentic make up and products in india ? coz iam going on a trip there and i wanna do some shopping

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