Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow – Copper Coast Review

Hi girls, Here comes my first review on “Revlon’s Illuminance Crème Shadow”.. Hope you will like it .. Revlon has been really impressive with their products and I am very much satisfied with the Revlon products I have bought till now; however, I had never used any other crème shadows before buying this coz all I had was powder eye shadows..And I like to wear eye shadow in my daily makeup while going to office I wanted the eye shadow which should not look too heavy as well as it should be long lasting. I thought to give a try to crème shadow.. Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow - Copper Coast Initially I saw this product on Revlon’s website and then I decided to try Revlon’s Illuminance Crème Shadow.. And so here I am with the shadow and till I am writing this blog I have used this 4 times and I quite like this shadow. After using this I m thinking to use powder eye shadow only in functions or big events as the powder shadow gives very heavy look and people clearly recognizes that you have applied shadow where as this crème shadow gives natural look. Anyways I have 3 different palettes and one quad palette from Loreal as well as Revlon of powder eye shadow so now I am planning to increase my Crème eye shadow stock and include different shades from different company, my next target would be MAC Paint Pot (after reading Rati’s review on this I am very much tempted to MAC’s Paint Pot, but since its too pricey I am saving some money for that)

About product: It’s a crème based eye shadow and comes in four different shades in a single palettes

Product Feature: •

  • Its Ophthalmologist tested
  • Includes 4 gorgeous shades
  • It blends seamlessly for limitless effects
  • Luminous finish brightens up eyes
  • Weightless color glides on smoothly and easily with fingertips
  • Fragrance-free, irritant-free, suitable for contact lens wearers (like me 🙂 )

Price: I don’t remember the exact price but the price for the palette is between 300 – 350 INR.


Revlon Illuminance Crème Shadow comes in twelve palettes, each containing four shades. Here are the available Shades with their swatches:

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow

I have Copper Coast shade and the slapstick is that this shade is not listed on the website of Revlon.. hehehe. Here are the images of my “Revlon’s Illuminance Crème Shadow – Copper Coast”, my swatch contains – Dull white, Light Copper, Peach and Dark Brown colors with the shimmer.

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow - Copper Coast

Although there are only four shades, I use light copper and Peach color for formal look and Dark brown shade for night and Smokey eyes with brown powder shadow..

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow - Copper Coast

My Copper Coast Swatch See its written on the Palette – “Copper Coast”.. Then why it’s not listed on the site??? 🙁 So here are the colors on my hand…

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow - Copper Coast

WOW Factors about the Revlon’s Illuminance Crème Shadow:

  • The crème glides on eye lids very well and it is not so sticky. • It lasts for a long time on my lids maintaining the look.
  • The shadows are fairly pigmented and not as greasy. • The shadow is full of shimmer and glam.
  • It gives luminous and dazzling look to the eyes.
  • It blends well and looks beautiful on the eyes.
  • You can create your own combinations of color by layering it on your lids.
  • The texture is very smooth and creamy. • Very wide range of colors for selection.
  • Weightless so doesn’t feel heavy on your eye lids and it’s easy to remove.
  • Since its Ophthalmologist tested, it doesn’t harm ur eyes and its safe.
  • You can use it every day as well as for the functions or events also as the colors are very sheer and shimmery.. for natural look just apply one light layer of it and you are done!!
  • You can also use this as a base and then you can apply powder eye shadow over it.
  • Or u can apply it over your powder eye shadow for enhancing an eye shadow and making the color more vibrant.
  • Since its in crème form application becomes more easy..
  • The case is very small and manageable so that you can carry it with you anywhere and it will not take much space.
  • The Case is pretty slim and is light weight and it looks sleek and sophisticated

Negative Points which I see:

  • The shadows do crease but if you put them on lightly they won’t crease, for office or for daily makeup I apply very light layer of it so it doesn’t look too heavy and jazzy..
  • No applicator included so it would have been better if it had an applicator.
  • If not applied properly will look unnatural so you have to be careful while applying the shadows.
  • This product is not recommended for those with the Oily eye lids.
  • You have to use fingertips coz if you use brush then it will stick on to the brush and will get wasted.
  • It creases and doesn’t last on the oily eyelids.
  • The quality of the case is not so good.. Today only the case fell from my hand and the lid got separate from the case..But I was lucky enough as I was able to fix it again… 🙂

Conclusion: To summing up, I like this product and I am also planning to buy ‘Not Just Nudes’ shade. And it is worth the money.

I will Give (Out of 5): Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow - Copper Coast

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46 thoughts on “Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow – Copper Coast Review

  1. Hi Ami
    very nice review
    i have one of these in pink petals (old) and couple of loreal trios too are my favs
    i too wear a light eye shadow on a daily basis with fresh look colored contacts and black eye liner
    welcome aboard and hope to read more on ur eye shadows soon :-))

    1. Thanks a lot Neha…
      I love these shadows and after buying this now I dnt use powder shadow much..only for functions..

      from Where you bought these shadows for 425 RS 😯 ???

    1. Thank sush.. they look more beautiful on eyes..
      I was liking all the shades and was very tempted to buy all of them but since i just contolled my self by saying that first lets try if its great then lets buy more shades…
      all of them r lovely shades yaar.. 😀

  2. Hey Ami,

    Nice review…Loved the light copper and peach colours…havnt tried cream shadows yet…quite liking the skinlights shades

    1. Thanks a lot HD… i also like them a lot.. for every day makeup for office i use light layer of peach..
      skinlights is also very nice shade..all r pinkey shades in that..

  3. I saw someone using it in the shade Twilight and i was so wanting to buy it.. but not aftre the review.. Oily eyelids.. 🙁

    Thanks Ami.. you saved me some bucks..!!

    1. ohhh…very sad.. 🙁
      I think ppl with oily skin miss too many things.. wat say??
      I also have oily skin but atleast I am saved from Oily eye lids.. Thank God..

  4. I have waited loonggggg for this review. I always used to get tempted by these shadows but for some reason never picked them up. But I don’t have oily lids and very few shadows crease on me so I guess the nudy nude shadow deserves some love from me. 😛

    1. First of all Thanks a lot Rati for all your help and support.. coz of you my first blog is ON.. for u :rose:
      You are lucky girl.. nudy nude will be definately great for you.. anyways u r beautiful and any shade will go on you… (flirting wit u)… 🙂
      just suggestion: Pls try Skinlights, Va va va blooms, Black magic…
      n let me know how they look…

  5. they are for some 500 bucks !!
    I was tempted to try “not just nudes” but guess I was wrong.. I hve oily lids but I think with a primer it will be ok 🙂
    .-= Palak´s last blog ..FOTD =-.

    1. Ohh.. 🙁
      ‘not just nude’ is also very good shade.. you can give a try with primer or with powder eye shadow…

  6. I have these…and I have oily lids…absolutely right about these not being for the oily lids. 🙁 I still love these shadows.

  7. i have one of these, don’t remember which colour. i am quite appalled by the cheap packaging, but the product by itself is pretty average. for a long time i thought i had got a fake!

  8. Hey Rati,
    I have the same one and the pink petals one too …
    I got the chambor naturel 17 shadow set .. it kinda looks the same as this revlon quad 😛 but powdered.. Have you tried it? I love the consistency! I can send you a pic of it.

  9. Wow.. that was a good review.. I was planning to buy one too, but i got a gift from my aunt, a No.7 eye palette which is tooooo good.. :yahoo: So i dropped this 😉

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