Colorbar Pro Eyeshadow Quad 003 Splendid Touch Review

Colorbar Pro Eyeshadow Quad 003 Splendid Touch

Colorbar PRO EYESHADOW QUAD, this collection of soft shadows offers countless looks for day and night. Four lid enhancing shades, plus 2 dual-ended brushes are sure to create an array of enchanting eye looks. Fresh, natural & youthful, this palette enhances with pretty pink, lifted yellow, glowing coral, electric blue, springy green, warm golden and luke mauves.

Use deepest Color in the crease to contour & along lash line to define
Use middle shade on the lid
Use lightest shade on the brow bone to add more dimension



INR 750


I got this as part of my haul for IMBB and have been using it ever since.I wore it to a party here and off and on, together and separately.But there is one thing in common for all 4 shades, they end up looking sheer and shimmery.You can hardly say that this is a green or an orange.My most fav color the bronze one at the end gave me a tough time to build it up and show you guys.That was slightly disappointing.


The colors here are all warm, you would end up using them for sure.The green is a pretty light one, on the lid it barely shows up.It would add only a pop of color.The orange one is chalky and no color shows up, only shimmer, this orange was the most disappointing shade in the quad.The brick copper red is a stunning color, perfect for Indian parties.It is the most solid color and has least shimmer and is most visible without layering.The bronze is sooo soft that is crumbles and you end up with only shimmer on the brush and lids.It is a good idea to use a base like Maybelline color tattoos for these shades.


The packaging is nice, worth what you pay.It is secured in a spongy cover and then a sheer plastic is there too on top of the mirror.Oh yes, these have a nice mirror and 2 applicators of top quality.The applicators have a regular tip, a brush which is very good, a pointy tip too.This is definitely a good call on part of Colorbar to have such nice applicators, but the shadows are soft and shimmery your applicator will end up eating the color.


The color stays on 2-4 hours without a primer.On a nice primer, 5 plus easily would go.The bronze color started showing some creasing in two hours of breezy nice weather,so it would go lesser for warm humid ones.The orange one is a fail, it only looks good.The green is nice but the on the lid it turns out very light.The rust color is amazing to line under the lids for a nice effect like I did.The bronze surely needs a base.


Though the shadow is top quality, it could have had some solid matte, most Colorbar shadows have shimmer and metal to them.I am not even happy with the color co-ordination.They could have done some matte, bronze, copper and brown kind of quad.What is the point of a green and orange.I wish they would make more wholesome palettes, like brown smokey eyes palette, blue or something like that.But the attempt at this product surely shows good quality.They could lessen shimmer and make more solid colors which could be used confidently without a base.


Believe me I am wearing all 4 colors, mix of bronze and orange on the lid, green in crease and the rust red on the lower lid, but as this shadow would have it,no colors show up.



IMBB rating:

2.95/5 Because it shows up 1/3 on the lids, of what it is.The trios they have are so much better and less crumbly.

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11 thoughts on “Colorbar Pro Eyeshadow Quad 003 Splendid Touch Review

  1. Where is the green Neha, cant even see it na, like u said. Rust red is the only one tht can be seen clearly. Anyways lovely reviews and EOTD *clap*

  2. This eyeshadow quad reminds me of cheap chinese eyeshadow pallates which are available for INR 60 to INR 100. I would not pay INR 750 for this quality. *spank* *headbang*

  3. Your total eye make-up looks soo nice *happy dance* *happy dance* but finding those 4 shades is thoda difficult *headbang* *headbang* i wish it has more pigmentation then it would have been great na *happy dance* *happy dance*

  4. Though I love ur EOTD..but honestly the colors in the swatch r not showing up…colorbar is manufacturing dud after dud *spank* *spank*

  5. Reminded me of maybelline diamond glow quads, too much glitter.
    Just out of curiosity, have u tried these eyeshadows with wet brush? Wet eyeshadows may give better colour payoff….

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