Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow: Gray Pink

Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow: Gray Pink

Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Gray Pink

For the ladies who liked the “Plum Harmony” quad pro from L’Oreal, they would find this “Gray Pink” shade very useful. I understand both are very similar in how white and pink they look on me, but considering one is half the price of the other, I still think the result was more or less same.

diamond glow

I was dreaming about these “Diamond Glow” quads for ages since Rati had shared the swatches, but I don’t know why I picked this up.  I had thought the Copper Brown is reviewed, I had wanted the Blue Ocean, and I got this one.  Now, I don’t know I think that week I was in a “plum, silver and pink mood,” which is true actually as I don’t have many pinks and whitish shadows in my stash, so does not hurt much to have a couple including this one and the L’Oreal one in Plum Harmony.


The shadows come in a sparkling clean packaging in a firm transparent lid. These come in a pretty, horizontally-set, four shadow quad, which are very shimmery, as in, its not loose shimmer, but the finish is shimmery and shiny.  Now, what I feel about these shadows is that some pigment is mixed with chalk and so the base color after you blend comes out always in some white silver finish which I detest. I don’t think these look good on me.


The quads have not been made thinking of warm Indian skin tones and about this I am pretty sure. I don’t know why they are all so silver and pink, be it the blue or the lilac one.  The only one worthy of Indian skin tone is the Copper Brown one, which is always out of stock wherever I go. The shades end up looking too white, silver and shiny, and really a bad contrast to olive skin.  You definitely need to get the face base right or else this can look like some sparkly silver bomb exploded on your eyes.

Diamond Glow

The shades come in a white for highlight, a pink, a silver grey and then a deeper black grey shade.  I use the white to highlight, the silver grey one on the lid and the deeper grey black for crease.  The pink is an absolute useless one which does not show up any different than any of the others as all end up looking silver white :headbang:

I use the pink for highlighting cheek bones, well so I tried to salvage it.  All the shades end up looking so similar on the eyes that there is no point in bothering to use all the shades.  Instead use one here and then use some matte shade from some other collection you might have.  This whitish shadow is really hard to work with and looks so bad on me.

Diamond Glow

The pigmentation like I said feels like all shades are mixed with chalk. The black is good enough and all the shades feel smooth, but oh-so-white and silver.  They do feel soft, but I mean, we need some contrasting shades, but these are such overlapping shades that I hardly find myself using this one, maybe I would use a single color for some look, but never all of them together.


Last Word on Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow:  Gray Pink

The shades especially this one is not meant for warm skin tones. These look so white in person that it is impossible to use these. These are soft nevertheless, but still, I don’t use them together. Its time Maybelline comes up with nice shadows for us.  This one is too silvery white to be recommended to any of you.

IMBB Rating:

2.5 on 5.

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9 thoughts on “Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow: Gray Pink

  1. Neha… ya they do look chalky chalky. :methinks: :methinks: :smug: :smug: … Neha please do an EOTD like the one you did for the Pro Blue Harmony quad..that was superb… :haanji: :haanji:

  2. mere ko accha nahi laga Neha… :nono: :nono: they are too frosty…. :specs: :specs: if it was plummy colours toh bhi chal jata….
    Thanks fr sharing coz nw i knw that i will not think of buying this !!! :secret2: :puchhi:

  3. Good review, Neha. I usually avoid the light colours unless they are browns. They shouldn’t bother with these light colours in India! :yuck:

  4. Hey..I have the same palette :'( don use any shade except the gray one ..
    nice tip for the pink one 😛 😛 !
    Yes ! it is sooo chalky ! I expected better from maybelline 🙁

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