Colorbar Enchanting Kohl Review

Colorbar Enchanting Kohl

Colorbar Enchanting Kohl

The official Colorbar website is not updated about the kohl as yet, so you can check Rati’s post here.

Shades Available:  5
• Dark Brown.
• Royal Blue.
• White.
• Black.
• Bottle Green.

Colorbar Kohl

I picked up the shade Dark Brown.  I have just assumed the names of the shades from their actual colours, in real, nothing much is mentioned about the shade name/number on the packaging.

Price:  Rs. 299 for 1 gm.

brown kohl



swatch 2

My Take on Colorbar Enchanting Kohl:

So, I was looking for a brown kohl since long. I have a lot of brown eyeliners, but always shuddered at the thought of using them on my waterline.  Thankfully, Rati posted about the newly-launched Colorbar coloured kohls , and I grabbed one and I am glad that I did.  I have been using this kohl since the day I got it and I am hooked on to it completely (probably for the colour).  I feel that this brown kohl looks better on me (I have brown eyes) over black kohl. This is a coffee brown shade and looks pretty natural on my eyes.

I fell in love instantly with its soft creamy formula when I swatched it first. The pigmentation; however, is not that great, but can be built upon in 2-3 swipes to get a dark brown colour. The kohl smudges very lightly after 2-3 hours of applying it, (but nothing that leaves me with racoon eyes), which I feel is fine as most kohls do smudge. The staying power is about 4-5 hours after which this just fades off with just minimal/hint of colour.

The kohl comes in typical colorbar silver-colored and lightweight packaging.  While it looks nicely/cutely packaged (looks like a mini missile 😀 ) in the first look, I won’t consider it very user friendly and practical.  First, I don’t like kohls with such conical tips as once you are halfway using the product, the tip becomes rounded and thick, and application becomes difficult and not so precise. Second, the entire kohl is cased outside the tube and thus needs to be used/handled very carefully. I wish it came in a twist up form.

Overlooking its cons, I am quite liking the Colorbar Brown kohl (considering we have very few options for coloured kohls) and I am planning to get the one in white too.

Here is how it looks on my eyes.


brown kohled eye


Listing its pros and cons below:

Pros of Colorbar Enchanting Kohl:


  • Coloured kohl which is waterline safe.
  • Soft, creamy formula which glides on easily without much effort.
  • Does not smudge a lot and will not leave you with racoon eyes.
  • Has no fragrance/smell and no camphor-like ingredients (which I find in most kohls).
  • Can be built upon for dark/intense colour.
  • The shade looks better and natural on my brown eyes as compared to black kohl.
  • Comes off easily with soap+water.

Cons of Colorbar Enchanting Kohl:


  • The pigmentation is not great on the first swipe.
  • Staying power is just average, fades off in 4-5 hours.
  • The packaging makes it not-so user friendly and travel friendly. Needs to be handled with a LOT of care.
  • At INR 299 price tag and 1 gm product, I won’t consider it economical.

IMBB Rating:

3.5 ON 5 :-* :-* :-*

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97 thoughts on “Colorbar Enchanting Kohl Review

  1. Niceee Review Nupur…but you sounding so different in this review..At first I thought someone else had written the review… 😛 And this looks soo nicee…..Like a crayon pencil..but so pigmented in the swatch and even on your eye….me liked that “IMBB” he he!! 😀 and your eyes looking sooooooooooo amazinggggggggg!!!!!

  2. try healthkart, cosmetix, violetbag, blab, 365gorgeous….he many websites now na? I am really happy!!!! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

          1. lol…I never ate any of such stuffs…Haan pencil muh mein daalne ki aadat zaroor thi..but never chewed it!! :toothygrin: 😛

            May be coz I used to have chewing gum in my mouth all the time..I was addicted to it..especially those colorful chewing balls…50 paise mein 3!! 😛 😛

  3. this looks Fabbbbbbulous. I am so much into brown these days. Even ordered the Brown mascara from Oriflame recently. am waiting for my order. :waiting: :waiting:

  4. Hi Nupur, nice review!!!
    I recently got the Colobar Concealer which u reviewed (the pot wala) and I must say I’m loving it to bits!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Now am surely gonna pick this as I have brown eyes too n I have always felt that back looks stark on me 🙂

  5. hey Nupur…nice review…love the brown shade…would it last with someone whi’s very clumsy (read : me)…i’m scared cuz the entire product is out of teh product…let me know and i am gonna pick it up 😀

    the brown simply looks awesome on you

  6. Nupurji, Nice review… :waytogo:
    I am not a fan of brown eyeliners, but it looks sooo good on your eyes, that I am planing to try myself!

  7. I was looking for a brown kohl for a long time. Was tempted to buy the Mac teddy but it’s too expensive. I think I’ll pick up this one. I already have a the brown ultra liner in Maybelline to go with this!! 🙂

  8. ..Nice Review…Nupur…..
    ….i m surely going to buy Blue n Brown…i loved the brown……ur eye is looking amazing……..
    ..i just wanted to know where can i buy in Mumbai…
    …i will be visiting Mumbai next month………….. :pompom:

        1. not sure about inorbit, but i saw colorbar counters at a lot of places thr in mumbai… i can remember of beauty cntre near krawfrd mkt :victory2: :victory2:

  9. fur fur no one rocks brown liners, and mascara the way you do :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen: Is pretty bt when i saw it na i was scared it might break from the end. bt for kohl i feel 4-5 hours is good na.. 😀 i like :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    the swatch is sooo cuteee :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

  10. @Parita,

    I found 1 Colorbar store at Amanora Town Center, Pune. It is opposite to the Magarpatta City.
    I did not venture into the store. It’s located on the ground floor itself.

  11. siimmm simm morninggg nee haiii… noon haii :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen: :preen: cali boli aisa :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

        1. shilpi :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: rati…. :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

            1. oh sry jomol,i thot spank ws 4 me,beech me rati padna bhool gai! Me very hungry nw,bhot makeup shakeup ho gaya,nw tym 4 sum petpooja! :toothygrin:

              1. shilpi……chalo dono mil kar maariein rati ko :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali:

  12. nuuuu it looks awesome on ur eyes. :teddy: :teddy: ‘ll chk them out for sure ……the only prb is i keep dropping things n i don’t think it can bear the torture :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:

  13. Nupuriiiiiiiiii…sacch main yeh bullet ke jaise he hai :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: i love your eyes….round round :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

    1. haan jomol, bullet jaisa, choti missile jaisa :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
      thnkoooo hai, me louvvv u too :teddy: :teddy: :puchhi: :puchhi:

  14. Me likes this ,me getting this :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
    I like these bullet shaped kohls but they always had like no staying power at all 😐

  15. its sooo tempting nuuuu… its luking gorgeous on u esp the 1st pic :love: :love: :love: :jalwa: :jalwa: :jalwa: :jalwa: … i luved the swatch…wht creamy buttery texture :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: …i want them alll… where is colorbar :jog: :jog: :jog: :jog: :jog:

  16. Kitna cute packaging hai. :dumb: But not user friendly.At all. :nono: :nonono:
    muzhe is range ka blue kohl lena hai. :preen: :preen: Sabhi fraands dekh kar jal jayenge :green:
    Nice photus,Furfur di! :pompom: :shying:

  17. i soo wanted something like this..brown.. waterlines…seems like perfec :makeup: :makeup: t… but i have faces and colorbar to finish first :methinks: :methinks: ..hope ki tabtak iska twist up aa jaye..nee to mai pakka torungi isko :shame:

  18. nice nice..did u check all shades noopur? hows the blue and green..I am not sure if it would smudge around..wud look funny..the green panda eyes 😐

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