Colorbar Pro Flat Eye Smudger Brush Review

Colorbar Pro Flat Eye Smudger Brush

I picked up this second last brush from Colorbar-Eye smudger brush, now I need to pick up the eyeshadow brush too from their pro collection. Well, I have almost all of their pro brushes now and the most attractive thing about their brush line from pro range is the sturdy long handle they come with.They are numbered and also mention the name of the use of the brush too.


INR 600
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The brush comes in a simple clear plastic pouch. I think it is slightly overpriced but these days to find a whole collection of brushes in a range from an Indian brand is nice as they have a stippling brush and powder brush and all basic brushes. Most of the brushes feel overpriced, considering it is overpriced.
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The brush has a long handle, it has a small tip, which is taut, the bristles are packed tightly but it is not as tight as a pencil brush.It feels stiff enough to smudge an eyeshadow or pencil liner.It also is soft enough to move and pat the eyeshadow on the lid.I am quite happy as I have slightly hooded eyes and I feel smaller lids will love to apply the shadow, pat it on the lid and also line the lower lash, smudge the brown/black shadow under the lash line for smokey effect.You could even use it to apply highlighter under the brow bone.

You could even use it to apply some concealer under the brows to shape them after filling brows, or around the lips to make a clear outline.It is a handy brush for a lot of stuff, even for concealer application may be, in emergency.Overall I think the size and bristles are right for me.

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The bristles feel soft enough, they are not pokey.The long handle is nice for beginners and it looks quite pro.I wish it were matte black but this is fine too.The brush picks up thicker and creamier products well. The bristles do not shed while application or washing..(saw just one hair loosened)dries and re-shapes well too.
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Overall you can try this to apply eyeshadow for smaller lid areas, to smudge eyeshadow, especially under the lower lashes, this is a good brush. It retains shape and does not shed or poke.
Colorbar Pro Flat Eye Smudger Brush  (3)


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  1. Smudger brush is so needed neha, I got this eyeshadow palette and none of the brushes I have were working 😛 Did you check out the clinique one?

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