Coloressence 70 Desire Mesmerising Lipstick Review

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I shopped a ton of lipsticks that you might have seen from my haul post. Today I will be sharing one of my favorites from the lot. This one is called Desire and is an intense red shade. One can not have enough of red shades, hence I picked it up! Let us see how it fares!

Coloressence 70 Desire Mesmerising Lipstick

INR 175


Coloressence 70 Desire Mesmerising Lipstick 2

My Experience on Coloressence 70 Desire Mesmerising Lipstick:

Coloressence 70 Desire Mesmerising Lipstick 3

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Coloressence-70-Desire-Mesmerising-Lipstick-4 Coloressence-70-Desire-Mesmerising-Lipstick-5

Classic Coloressence “Mesmerising” range packaging. It comes in a black thick paper box, which has some details printed like the company name, ingredients, price, etc. The lipstick comes in a matte black plastic covering with a silver border thing. I like the matte black packaging, it looks classy for the price. The bullet is silver in color. The shade name and number are written on a sticker stuck at the bottom of the lipstick. The lipstick does not twist that easily, but I do not mind. The cap closes with a nice audible click. Overall, it is sturdy enough to throw in your purse, travel friendly, and looks good too.


Coloressence 70 Desire Mesmerising Lipstick 6

‘Desire’ is an intense red color that suits Indian skin tone. When I first applied it, my mom really loved it and said that it is very sophisticated red. I agree! It is the kind of red that brightens up your face and gives a nice pop of color. The pigmentation just blew me away! It is so intensely pigmented that with one swipe you get almost 99% color! Then, you just have to go in to fill the little gaps and corners you missed.


Coloressence 70 Desire Mesmerising Lipstick 7

I love that it is smooth and creamy and yet, it is matte. The texture is good, it glides on easily on normal lips. It might tug a little bit on dry lips but it would not highlight the cracks on your lips or any dry patches. I have applied it on super dry lips and it looked good! The lipstick does moisturise a little bit but as time passes, you feel the dryness. Hence, a lip balm is a must, if you are going to apply it for longer duration. Also, it gets more matte as the clock ticks by.

Staying Power:

Coloressence 70 Desire Mesmerising Lipstick 8

So, I wore this shade at around 5 pm in the evening and after dinner, my lips looked almost the same. It survived an intense workout, a face wash, water breaks and even dinner! It did look a little less intense, but I never touched up! It stays for that long! Totally ‘Mesmerising’ lipstick! The only tiring part is when you have to remove it. It leaves a very stubborn stain behind, that took a lot of scrubbing. Even so the stain did not go away completely. It was there till next day, I did not even have to apply any lipstick :p


Coloressence 70 Desire Mesmerising Lipstick 9

There is no any particular smell or taste that I noticed. It might have a light fragrance but on the lips you do not smell anything.

Pros of Coloressence 70 Desire Mesmerising Lipstick:

  • Very versatile red shade.
  • Super affordable.
  • Nice and sturdy packaging.
  • Claims to have natural ingredients.
  • Amazing Pigmentation.
  • Long lasting.
  • Smooth texture, glides on easily.
  • No smell or taste.
  • Easily available online or offline.
  • Will suit every skin tone.

Cons of Coloressence 70 Desire Mesmerising Lipstick:

  • Stubborn stain that takes ages to remove
  • It is a bit drying, if you apply for longer duration

IMBB Rating:
4.5 / 5

Final Verdict:
You need this in your stash girls!

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