Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow Tuskon Gold

Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow Tuskon Gold

Pearl Finish Eye Shades – It gives pearly finish & satin smooth brilliance and base to the eyes. Can be used with brush directly in the eye socket area or upper eyelid area or use with wet brush for long stay of color.

Coloressence Tuskan Gold

Highlights your eyes.

Adds intensity to the eyes.
100% vegetarian. No animal ingredients.

coloressence tuskan gold eyeshadows

I am sharing something that all makeup lovers will find great awesome and pocket friendly, I discovered recently from a brand we not normally not even glance at. Now I am in the eyeshadow and blush love phase and I am happily drowning myself in getting what I can. Hence, my online shopping pursuits have gotten me this gem that has truly amazed me.

I was browsing through some online shopping sites during my usual “me time” on the recliner and that’s when I saw this beauty. I immediately saw the it being for Rs 200 and I thought I must try this . You would know by now I buy things for trial as well I may or may not use all of them but as amakeup enthusiast I spend my money on things I think can be good and that’s the whole fun.

Tuskan gold swatch

There were some 6 shades covering up mainly main shade family in green, pink,even a red :p (glad) and blue too. I thought for olive skin, golds are always a delight as you can just dab a little on the centre of the eyelid and wear a black liner and you can even wear this muted look during the day time and it looks great for summer evening too. and hence I ordered this in tuskan gold.

When I received the parcel I was elated to see that the shadow was not satiny soft but also could be used wet. Now as wet this shadow becomes like paint but it still would smudge on me but when you use it dry . It’s a cross between a powder and a mousse and it is soft as in no fall out because it is not powdery but rather nicely packed in the pan.

The packaging is not so bad and a simple black matte case but the print on the sticker is a big turn off and so are the spellings. But still I like the swirls of glitter on the main pack.

Now I really like this kind of golden because it’s a yellowy golden rather than a bright glittery golden. The finish is mainly pearly and metallic but no shimmer or glitter which would have made it a party wear. Its mainly a nice soft wear without shimmer.

The texture is extremely soft and smooth so much so that one little swipe gave me the amount of color I have on my finger tip. The color shows up very nicely on the lid even without a base and gives good coverage to dark skin on the lid as well.

What I don’t like about this is that though it is soft it needs to be packed on with some ting else or has to be used on a sticky base like a foundation perhaps to stay. No doubt the color comes out nice and pigmented but still the film of color is very sheer and can be rubbed off or wiped off or crease on oily lids if there is no base. To make the most of this color I would say to get 100% of it, use it on a creamy conceler and you will be amazed how good this shadow is.


Last word:
For 200 rupees this eye shadow is a must have in this lovely gold color. Very soft, pigmented and best used on a base, it is amazing that I found this from a brand like coloressence 😛 get it and you will be surprised!

Lashes from kryolan review coming up . 🙂

Rating:4.5 on 5

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36 thoughts on “Coloressence Pearl Finish Eyeshadow Tuskon Gold

  1. loved this on your eyes..really pretty..i loved this line of yours btw “You would know by now I buy things for trial as well I may or may not use all of them but as amakeup enthusiast I spend my money on things I think can be good and that’s the whole fun.” i can totally relate..

  2. hahahah aru actually readers keep wondering wat i do with so much of makeup so this statement was necesary u know 🙂
    hows ur day at office 🙂

  3. Neha one gorgeous EOTD after the other. I loooooooveeed the color on you. Which is the brown one that you used. Loved the way you have applied liner too. Actually I am all gaga over it. hihihih 😛

    1. rati :worship: thanks a lot it means world to me
      its a khaki from BH cosmetics 88 shimmer palette i had revud
      the lashes are super dramatic 😐 kryolan yet to review
      actually i try some EOTD each day for imbb and wat comes fine looking i send across
      so i get to practice so much u know 🙂

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