Coloressence Wine Shine Waterproof Eye and Lip Liner Pencil Review

Hey Girlies!

So I picked this eye liner plus lip liner pencil just because the other eye liner pencils from Coloressence worked very well for me. This is a 2 in 1 pencil, so I thought it’d be good, so lets see how it faired for me! 🙂

Coloressence Eye Lip Line


225 INR.

Product Description and Ingredients:

Coloressence Eye Lip Line

My Take on Coloressence Wine Shine Waterproof Eye and Lip Liner Pencil:

Packaging: Classic packaging of cardboard and plastic. The pencil is made of wood. It looks like it’s the retractable one. But its not. It needs to be sharpened. The body is the same colour as that of the product. It’s maroonish in colour with the details in silver. It’s easy to locate in your stash. The pencil is covered with very tight plastic wrapped around it and it’s tough to remove. It’s so tight that it bent the plastic cap. All in all, its sleek and travel friendly.

Coloressence Eye Lip Line

Colour/Pigmentation: It’s a lovely maroonish wine shade that would suit all skin tones. The pigmentation is good. It’s buildable for those who want a really bold pout. It’ll be the perfect lip pencil for Coloressence’s Mesmerising Lipstick in Merry Majenta. Two swipes are needed. If you want an intense wine shade then you can totally build it up to your liking.

Texture: It glides easily on the eye lids, however it tugs on the lips. It’s not creamy. It’s a bit dry when you use it as a lip pencil. A balm solves that part though. It sets to a matte finish. After it sets, (it requires about 20-30 seconds to set) it cannot be smudged at all. That’s a plus. It doesn’t transfer too!

Coloressence Eye Lip Line

Staying Power: These pencils are known for their amazing staying power. It stays on like forever. Until you remove it with a makeup removing wipe. It doesn’t fade much. It stays put for 5-6 hours. If you are using only the lip pencil without anything over it, it’ll survive a couple meals. And it’s waterproof too!

Coloressence Eye Lip Line

Coloressence Eye Lip Line

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Coloressence Wine Shine Waterproof Eye and Lip Liner Pencil:

  • Affordable.
  • Sleek packaging.
  • 2 in 1 product.
  • Amazing staying power.
  • Free sharpner.
  • Water Proof.
  • Easily available.
  • Smooth texture if used as an eye pencil.
  • Good pigmentation.

Cons of Coloressence Wine Shine Waterproof Eye and Lip Liner Pencil:

  • Not so creamy in texture if used as a lip pencil.

IMBB Rating:

As an eye pencil: 5 / 5
As a lip pencil: 4.8 / 5

Would I recommend Coloressence Wine Shine Waterproof Eye and Lip Liner Pencil?

These pencils are really good, I recommend it to you girls! These products should be really talked about because they are worth the money! Do give this one a try! 🙂

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