Coloressence Premium 2 in 1 Eye and Lip Liner – Maroon Review

Coloressence Premium 2 in 1 Eye and Lip Liner – Maroon Review

I was never a lip liner person, but recently, I thought of giving it a try and ordered this product online. This was the only shade available at that time and I bought it so that I can reach the maximum amount required for free shipping. I have tried many products from Coloressence and they all worked okay for me, so I wasn’t expecting much from this 2 in 1 product. Read on to know how it worked for me.



150 INR

Product Description:

Make your eyes and lips look beautiful, use Coloressence Premium 2 in 1 Eye and Lip Shades Pencil – Maroon.  It is an ultimate makeup solution for your eyes and lips as well. It highlights and provides rich color to add charm in eyes and give outline to lips. It is best for daily use. It is available in 4 colors. 1.Maple, 2. Maroon, 3. Bronze, 4. Purplish Rose. A quality product from Coloressence.

Maroon lip pencil 2

My Experience with Coloressence Premium 2 in 1 Eye and Lip Liner – Maroon:

The Coloressence 2-in-1 pencil comes in a pencil form and I like it as I don’t like retractable packaging because of hygienic issues. I would have preferred an in-built sharpener but expecting that at such a low price is not fair. The packaging is sturdy and you can carry it easily while travelling.  The shade is a beautiful maroon colour which looks good alone, or with a gloss or lipstick too. The shade is highly pigmented and you just need two swipes to get an intense maroon shade. It hides my pigmented lips really well and that is why I love it. The texture is neither too creamy nor very hard; it’s just perfect for a lip liner. It glides easily on lips but leaves them a bit dry. You need to apply a lip balm beneath it to avoid dry lips. It prevents lipstick from bleeding but doesn’t increase its staying power. The pencil stays on my lips for a maximum of 3 hours with light meals in between which is not bad according to me, considering the price.

Maroon lip pencil 3

It also claims that it can be used on the eyes, but frankly speaking, I am not very comfortable wearing it as an eye pencil. Maroon on eyes?? Imagine :P. But I have tried it on eyes so that I can review 😉 It glides easily on my lids; I haven’t used it on my waterline because of the missing ingredient list. You need two to three swipes on lids and it gives you a nice maroon shade which stays for 5 hours. It is smudge proof and waterproof, yes you heard it right – at just Rs. 150, you are getting a smudge proof eyeliner.

Maroon lip pencil swatch

Maroon eye pencil

Overall, I think this 2-in-1 pencil is worth trying at least, this particular shade is not good for eyes, but I am looking for other colors 😀

Maroon lipstick

Pros of Coloressence Premium 2 in 1 Eye and Lip Liner – Maroon:

  • Affordable.
  • Easily available everywhere.
  • 2 in 1, can be used on eyes and lips.
  • Very pigmented.
  • Stays for 3 hours on lips and for 5 hours on eyes.
  • Lovely shade.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Hides pigmented lips.
  • Shade looks good alone and also with gloss on top.
  • Prevents lipstick from bleeding.

Cons of Coloressence Premium 2 in 1 Eye and Lip Liner – Maroon:

  • A bit drying.
  • Ingredient list is missing.
  • Doesn’t increase staying power of lipstick.
  • I am not comfortable wearing a maroon shade on eyes 😛

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Coloressence Premium 2 in 1 Eye and Lip Liner – Maroon?

The Coloressence 2-in-1 maroon pencil is average but if you are on a budget, then do try it; it’s good but not excellent. I would definitely like to try other shades from this Coloressence premium range.

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  1. Ohhh yes most people like you wouldn’t like wearing it on eyes *haan ji* but looking good on your lips surely *clap* *clap* *hifive*

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