Dalan d´Olive Oil Conditioner Review

I get ecstatic when I find good products from other countries being available in India easily. Dalan is a top name in Turkey for their Mediterranean olive oil products that first started with their soaps about 75 years back. Now they have shower gels, shampoos and conditioners. I couldn’t wait for olive oil goodness on my hair.

Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Conditioner

Product Details:
The miracle of Mediterranean olive oil and wheat protein, d’Olive Conditioner restores natural health to your hair without adding weight. In addition to providing brilliant shine and softness, our conditioner easily untangles your hair leaving it soft and shiny and easily manageable.

325 INR

Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Conditioner

My Experience with Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Conditioner:

Oh how I wish this worked for me. How badly I wished. Everything about this product was perfect – abundant in moisturizing olive oil, no bad alcohols or humectants in the ingredient list. Then why didn’t one like even one thing about it after I used it.

Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Conditioner

First the texture – it is a thick creamy conditioner. I was really happy with that because that would mean easy detangling, but no, I spent almost 7 minutes detangling my hair as opposed to the usual 2 minutes. There was virtually no slip.

The fragrance was okay, a green-y ferny smell that was a bit artificial; a little strong as long as it is in the hair and then it subsided.

Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Conditioner

Now the next day – oh God! My hair was all frizzy and dry. I could not believe something as good as olive oil did this to me. I had to find out what was going on. And what better than to check up the ingredient list. Yes! There it was. Another culprit that I didn’t know about – surfactants. Lauryl Glucoside and Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine are both surfactants – they are used to bind the oil and water components of conditioner, i.e., they have detergent-like properties. Nooooooooooooo 🙁 That is the last thing that you want on curly hair – to strip off whatever emollients that you are trying to provide it by conditioning! And I just remembered that I saw a lot of lather while washing off the conditioner, damn!

Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Conditioner

I really wished the ingredient list was better as this was a good way to incorporate olive oil into my hair care.

Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Conditioner

Pros of Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Conditioner:

  • Has got olive oil (what’s the use?!!)

Cons of Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Conditioner:

  • Has got two surfactants.
  • Makes hair frizzy and dry.
  • Very difficult to detangle with this.
  • Smell is a little strong and artificial.

IMBB Rating: 0.5/5

Would I Repurchase Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Conditioner?
Never ever, it’s extremely drying for my hair.

Do I Recommend Dalan d´Olive Olive Oil Conditioner?
As with most of the products, this may work fabulously for women with straight hair as they have few issues with moisture.

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13 thoughts on “Dalan d´Olive Oil Conditioner Review

  1. Oh, no. I had great expectations from this product Anjana 🙂 Thanks for the review. I now know what not to buy.

  2. Hello, kindly suggest a safe and good shampoo for me and my 8-yr old daughter. Both of us have wavy hair with oily scalp and dry frizzy tangle prone hair. Looking for something sans all the parabens, surfactant etc.

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