L’occitane Olive Tree Conditioner Review

Hey Gals,

Today I’ll be reviewing L’occitane Olive Tree Conditioner. I was introduced to L’occitane products by Rati of course 🙂 During the month of Jan L’occitane was having upto 30% off sale and I grabbed few of the products including this conditioner. I was very impressed with their delivery which I got in 2 days!

L'occitane Olive Tree Conditioner

What does the co say about this product:-
Fast-acting detangling care – for healthy, shiny hair.

This hair conditioner with olive tree extracts immediately detangles and smoothes your hair, leaving it light and easy to style. Enriched with white wine vinegar and lemon extract, it enhances shine and leaves hair naturally radiant. Silicone-free.

This product is free from:
parabens, synthetic colourants, mineral oils, animal ingredients, chemical sun filters, formol or formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, phtalates, silicone, triclosan, BHA, BHT, EDTA

My experience:-
As you all know I have really long hair which are prone to being tangled a lot!! I dont like using a serum as it makes my hair oily and really weigh’s it down. So I was in search of a conditioner which helps to detangle my hair making it smooth and soft! When I saw this olive oil range shampoo n conditioner both on sale without any thoughts I grabbed them! I had read some good reviews on this shampoo as it was mild enough for everyday wash and also helped in de-tangling the hair!! 😀

 L'occitane Olive Tree Conditioner

The conditioner comes in a 250 ml bottle and costs 995 MRP! The bottle is very very classy! I love its packing a lot! It reminds of greek goddess for some reason..may be the combination of bronze/golden and cream colors 😀 The texture of the conditioner is quite thick and cream almost like body butters! I love love the fragrance! Its so mild and pleasant with hints of olive oil in it. It is very soothing!

It does what it claims! It does help in making my hair smooth and tangle free which i totally love! Also i have noticed when using this conditioner hair fall is less as compared to using other chemical based products! Its totally natural without any harmful chemicals in it! Also it does not weigh down your hair or make it oily! Some of us may think that as it has olive oil in it, it may make the hair oily but really it doesnt! I have quite dry n damaged hair so i love the olive oil present in it!

Over all I would say its a great conditioner but its quite expensive! For girls having long hair like me..it will not even last for a month 🙁 Spending 1000 bucks a month on conditioner may not be feasible for everyday. Also apart from being expensive the only other problem I found was with the dispenser! Its horribly tiny and due to heavy consistency of the cream it does not come out that easily! I always unscrew the top and remove the conditioner!


  • All natural without any harmful chemicals
  • Does what it claims! Helps in detangling the hair
  •  Mild enough to be used on everyday basis
  •  Pleasant and soothing fragrance
  •  I have seen less hair fall while washing my hair
  •  Does not weigh down your hair


  • Very expensive product and especially for girls having long hair like mine this conditioner wont last for more than a month if you wash your hair 3 times a week on avg
  • Dispenser is tiny and the product does not come out properly!

Rating :- 3.9 out of 5

Price:- 995 for 250 ml but i got it for around 650 on 30% discount!

I made this Devils Food White Out Cake yesterday for an order, sharing a pic of it with you all 🙂
Also at midnight I saw Rati’s post so dedicating this cake to Sanjeev ji and Mr n Mrs Jomol! God Bless you all 🙂

Devils Food White Out Cake

Hope this review was helpful to you all, till next time, tc!

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43 thoughts on “L’occitane Olive Tree Conditioner Review

  1. i couldn’t take my eyes from the cake… its so wow… i am literally drooling over the pic…
    just want to taste at-least a little piece… oh,, boy… ur bf is a damn lucky guy … 😉

    Review is also very nice, i like such conditioners, bt price is on the higher side..
    (quality never comes cheap 😛 )

  2. It looks and sounds so luscious Parita……great review and your cake made me so hungryyyyyyyy..its looking yummy…I went and got myself some chocolate icecream from fridge!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. that cake really looks yummm..think i will head over to the coffee shop at tea time and pick up a brwonie or a muffin for myself. 🙂

    the review of the conditioner is also really nice but yeah the price is a little steep. 🙁 any other shampoo that comes close to this but dosent cost quite that much? (*wink wink*)..

    1. Thanks Aru! yeah def the price is quite on higher side and even m not gonna repurchase..i toh finished off the bottle in like 6 to 8 washes only 🙁
      I think Fab India’s aloe conditioner would come close to this!

  4. great review parita , i am quite happy with my dove oil nourishing shampoo & conditioner 🙂
    i am giving it a miss though , considering the price 🙁 but if ever i will get myself a loccitane product it wil definitely be their solid perfumes :).

    and the cake looks super yummmmmmm 🙂 how i wish if we all could take a bite of it 🙁 sob sob 🙁

    1. I have their 2 solid perfumes..i was so so intrigued by them! so once found on sale grabbed 2 of them but to be very honest m not very happy with them as they are so mild and fragrance disappears in couple of hours..not long lasting at all..but i would still say must a try atleast once!

  5. You are right about the cost of that shampoo/conditioner. Even I pay that much for natural shampoo in Oz, but I have a trick. I find I don’t need to use too much because I use the shampoo closer to my scalp and run the excess foam down, and then I use conditioner away from the scalp. My hair is only 3/4 of the way down my back, I use about a tablespoon of each product.

  6. awww Parita that’s so sweet of you to dedicate the cake
    ooh so u r a professional chef??
    hoping to grab loccitaine products during offers
    i want to go as much natural as possible wid hair after reading Sahar articles

  7. Nice review parita.. L’occitane hair products are something that I like to buy since a long time..but their price .. 🙁

  8. nice review nd nice bt pricey conditioner.. bt forget d conditioner nd constrate on cake… which looking so yummy n mouth watering :)))) ur guy is very lucky <3 <3 <3

  9. nice review parita….but its so expensive…i have hair till my mid-back, but still, 500 a month on conditioner???? going bonkers!!! someday i will buy it though…waiting!!

      1. Thanks Ritu..i know! even I am not considering repurchasing it! i think fab india aloe vera conditioner works in the same way n wont hurt your pocket too!

  10. Thanks for the review, Parita. I love the shampoo of this range but hadn’t given a thought about the conditioner. Does it do anything for volume?

    And Oh my God! What a gorgeous cake! You made it for an order? :O What do you do? Also, can you adopt me? I swear I will be not be an obstruction. Will do all your odd jobs for a cake a day. 😀

  11. Thanks for the cake parita. It looks yum… :)) I think I’d pretty much stick to my loccitane conditioner. it works great for my hair. thanks for the review. 🙂

  12. This is a bit pricey but i want to try some L’occitaine and Forrest essential products this year 🙂 …
    and should if i email you my adress will you send me that cake !!! i so want a bite of that :drools:

    1. You should def try their products..they are def worth a try..i have FE’s ubtan and totally love it..goes long way too so worth the price 🙂
      sure 🙂

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