Dasanakanti Churnam Ayurvedic Tooth Powder

To preserve those pearly whites…

If you’re like me, you would have spent a good part of your life caring for your teeth, but spent a better part of your life suffering tooth pain and waiting at the dentist’s office. After years of suffering (I started at a young age of about 12) in spite of brushing twice a day regularly, I was at my wit’s end. I tried a myriad range of toothpastes, in vain. My sinusitis was linked to the oral problems. To set them right, I’ve had about 5 root canal treatments. Added to the already  existing problems, my wisdom teeth decided to grow sideways and I had to have a couple of them extracted.
kotakkal dasanakanti churnam
It was at this point in time that I started turning towards natural alternatives for a range of chemicals that we normally use at home without questioning. One fine day, I happened to read an article By Sheela Rani Chunkath (The IAS Officer who takes keen interest in traditional medicines) in the Indian Express. She had suggested the use of Dasanakanti Churnam, an ayurvedic powder which can be used as a substitute for toothpastes.

My initial reaction was “What? Back to tooth powder when the whole world has moved on to not just tooth pastes, but gels in blue and green and red and what not?” My oral woes made me overcome my initial reaction and try it out anyway. I have not regretted that decision.
kotakkal dasanakanti churnam powder
• Dasanakanti Churnam is an Ayurvedic Tooth powder.
• I bought the famous and authentic Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala’s boxed version. A box of 50g costs Rs.62 out of Kerala and it lasts for about 150-200 brushings. Apparently, it is available in 10g packets as well.
• It is reddish brown tooth powder with a stinging (clove-like taste).
• It contains – Arimedastwak, Yashti, Darvi, Khadirasara, Gairika, Maricha, Krishna, Jatikosa, Jatiphala, Kaunti, Lavanga, Ela, Twak, Karpura and Himambusara. I do not know what the properties of each of these are, but there is general belief that such herbs do not have side effects.
• It is messy to use if you’re not used to brushing with a tooth powder. It stains the brush, wash basin, but fortunately not the teeth. (Look at the reddish brown bristles of my tooth brush. This happens within a week of use).
• Most important, the frequent tooth pains that I had disappeared within a few days of use. The tooth sensitivity which caused me to stay away from sweets (even healthy food like dates) was gone within 10 days.
• I was also happy that I’m avoiding the chemicals in toothpastes. Some of the chemicals that out tooth pastes contain (yes, even the kids’ tooth pastes) are very toxic. When I started my research on the chemicals that we use in day-today life, I was shocked to find that the sodium fluoride (that which the marketing wizards sell to us) in toothpastes is a potential toxic drug. Some contain parabens. And the horror is that our children sometime swallow them unknowingly.

So, in spite of my initial reaction and extra work to be done at cleaning the stains on the wash basins and more frequent changing of brushes, my family of three has moved to Dasanakanti churnam. It might be available in other Ayurvedic brands as well, though I haven’t checked it out personally. It is easily available in AVS outlets which are spread across India. It is also available online.

Pros of Dasanakanti Churnam Ayurvedic Tooth Powder

• Ayurvedic – believed to have no side-effects
• Gets rid of teeth problems
• Avoids the use of Chemicals
• Very reasonable price
• Worth the money paid
• Easily available

Cons of Dasanakanti Churnam Ayurvedic Tooth Powder

• The boxed form is difficult to use (unless you have a small nice spoon like the one I have shown)
• Can be messy till you get used to it
• Stains the Washbasin, brush and even the wall-tiles have stains – requires frequent cleaning.

Will I buy it again? Yes! Certainly.

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    1. Thanks calicoaster.
      I’ve been to a Kottakkal dealer in Jayanagar. In the road opposite the Jain temple in 4th block. Not sure if it still exists there, though. 😐

  1. ?:) Citronella or Cindrella.. ?:) . :worship: :worship: Really a nice post. :clap: :clap: . :thanks: for Sharingg..

  2. I will pick this up for my mom for sure. She gets a lot of problem with her teeth. :(( Thank you or sharing Citronella. 🙂 And welcome to imbb. :))

    1. Rati u can also pick up Dant Kanti for ur mom, Its a product from baba ramdev’s pharmacy and it also produces wonderful results n yes it’s usage is not as cumbersome since it is a toothpaste.

  3. Citronella, nice review :yes: Few years back when I had gum problems, someone from the family suggested the Dabur lal danth manjan, :toothygrin: I tried that for a few days but didn’t get any relief & yeah it did stain the wash basin :no:

  4. thats a beautiful name Citronella 🙂 and it didn’t throw a spell error…. 🙂
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  5. hey Kottakal.. my parents run to kottakal for all ailement… (south Indian na… )… me too hehehe…. :shy: …… love Ayurvedic meds .. :puchhi:

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