8 Deepika Padukone Fitness and Diet Secrets

How have you all been doing? Today I’m going to talk about, not just mine, but just about everyone’s favorite diva, Deepika Padukone. How many times have you stared at her on-screen and wished to get a fabulous and fit body like her. She truly can rock any avatar, right from the gorgeous Indian beauty in a saree or regal outfits from period dramas to donning leather pants for Western action flicks. Therefore, we need to take inspiration from an absolutely stunning person like her. So after some scavenging, we bring to you, 8 fitness and diet secrets of Deepika Padukone.


Yes, a part of the leggy beauty’s figure could be attributed to genes, but most of it was hard work. Deepika was a state level badminton player and said that nothing shapes and tones your body more than playing a sport does. Even after joining the industry, she claimed to devote at least two hours to play badminton every single day. Sports like tennis, badminton, swimming, provide a great full body workout, fires your metabolism as well as burns calories. Therefore, if the same old gym routine isn’t for you, the go the Deepika way to fitness.

2. Yoga for more than Just the Mind

Deepika is an avid practiser of yoga and starts her day with yoga every day. Yoga and meditation not only helped her in battling depression but also gave her one of the fittest bodies. Yoga internally strengthens and lengthens muscles as well as regulates hormones to improve metabolism. Following are some of the asana that she likes practising: Surya Namaskar, Marjarisana or Cat Pose, Virabhadrasana or Warrior Pose, Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand, Pranayama, Meditation.

3. Pilates is the Way to Go

Deepika swears by her Pilate’s trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. She says nothing gives her body the toning combined with the touch of feminine more than Pilates does. Pilates improves her core strength as well as flexibility greatly. The Pilates machine and props, such as resistance bands, wunda chair, foam weights, etc., are used for her overall workout. This makes her body look lean and not too muscular. “We also have a jumping series of the Pilates, which is a combination of cardio and Pilates. Here, we do the jumping squat or walking lunges that may be accompanied by light weights of a kilo or two”, says Yasmin.

4. THE 20-20-20 Plan

Deepika also diligently hits the gym when she is not busy shooting. She feels consistence is the key when it comes to working out. She follows the 20-20-20 plan. “Earlier Deepika adopted functional weight training and plyometric as she needed to look very fit and athletic for her movies, Yasmin revealed. “Now we have shifted focus and she has been doing a lot of Pilates. In fact, I have devised a new workout called 20-20-20 where she works out on three different machines for 20 minutes each, focusing on three different body parts.”

Deepika Padukone saree

5. Moderation is the Key to Success

When it comes to diet, Deepika believes greatly in moderation. She believes in six meals instead of three heavy ones. She doesn’t have rice for dinner, and avoids carbohydrate loaded or fried food. However, she does cheat at times with desserts and she compensates it the next day with light eating. She believes that consuming the same amount of calories makes your metabolism stagnant therefore, it is important to give in to your cravings at times. She also have a lot of nuts, dry fruits and fresh vegetables to provide a wholesome diet.

6. Weight Training for those Sexy Toned Muscles

Instagram is always flooded with inspirational videos of Deepika doing extremely heavy dead lifts, pull ups etc., and that shows us how much of a gym rat she can be. Weight training has been a crucial component for Deepika to develop those absolutely tight and toned muscles. When she is shooting, she often hits the hotel gymnasium to maintain her svelte figure.

7. Dance it Out

The gorgeous beauty is a great lover and enthusiastic towards dance. Dance has played a major role in her fitness regime. Whenever she doesn’t plan to go to the gym, she makes it a point to go to her dance classes. She loves to do a variety of dances like Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Jazz and so on.

8. Water for a Great Body

Deepika completely believes in aqua therapy for a great skin as well as body. She believes that nothing deals with bloating better than consuming lots of water. It flushes toxins, keeps the hormones in check and is great for a fabulous body as well as resplendent skin.

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