Diet Secrets of Hollywood Celebrities

Diet Secrets of Hollywood Celebrities

Everyone wants to look as stunning as their favourite celebrity. We want to know everything like how do they take care of their skin and hair, what do they wear or what do they eat? We need every information.

Diet really plays an important role in shaping a healthy body and mind. After knowing the diet secrets of our famous bollywood stars I ventured into Hollywood to find out more.

Mentioned below are some diet secrets and some really bizarre eating habits of few hollywood stars.

Diet Secrets of Hollywood Celebrities:

Angelina Jolie: Her diet secrets include concentrating on eating whole foods and eliminating sugar from her diet. She likes to eat everything in moderation including red meat. She tries to eat a healthy diet comprising lots of fruits and vegetables and doesn’t believe in starving herself.

Jessica Alba: For breakfast she prefers an egg-white omelette and fruit, or cottage cheese and a peach. For lunch, she will have a bowl of salad. Dinner usually includes vegetables and chicken or fish. She keeps dried fruit or chocolate or strawberry frozen yogurt with her to snack on during the day.

Jennifer Aniston: For lunch she likes to have a plate of green salad with nuts, cheese with lemon sauce. If she still feels hungry she like to have water-rich fruits such as watermelon. Carbs like yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal, snacking on peanut butter, cottage cheese and fruit, and a handful of almonds are a staple in her diet.

Demi Moore: She drinks herbal tea to curb her appetite between meals. She is also a fan of raw food diet which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Reese Witherspoon: Witherspoon controls her calories with The Baby Food Diet, which consists of substituting one or two meals a day with a jar of baby food. The other one to two meals a day can be regular “adult meals.”

Renee Zellweger: Her meals consisted mainly of low carb meals such as tuna, cold meat, raw salads without dressing and raw vegetables.

Taylor Swift: She also prefers the raw food diet. Raw, unprocessed, plant based foods forms 75% of her diet.

Kate Hudson: Her diet is super healthy, with meals typically consisting of a carb, a protein, and two greens. Two of her staples: yogurt with honey for breakfast, and a big salad for dinner.

Cindy Crawford: Supermodel Cindy Crawford uses vinegar to kill her appetite before heading out to eat.

Jennifer Lopez: The star sniffs grapefruit oil to reduce her appetite. Haven’t heard of such practice before. Have you?

And we thought only our bollywood stars are fussy about food.

What do you think of their diet?

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  1. apart from the vinegar and grpefut sniffing thing..everything else seems to be pretty sensible….has anybody read Rujuta Diwekar’s (Karrena Kapoor’s dietician)Dont lose ur mind lose ur weight’ ???? It pretty much says whay angelina jolie follows…….I think everyone sgud read tht book once 🙂

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