DIY – A Refreshing Orange Bath Salt to Perk You Up!

Hello everyone!
It feels good to write again for IMBB! I know I took a huge break, but now I promise to keep writing! Today I’ll be sharing my favourite bath salt recipe with you all! I’m sure whoever tries this, would love it too! This bath salt doesn’t only look good, but it smells heavenly too! Plus it’s so fresh and without any preservative! Let’s get started!

Refreshing Orange Bath Salt-cover


Refreshing Orange Bath Salt-ingred

1. Epsom salt
2. Orange essential oil or lemon essential oil [optional]
3. Orange powder
4. Juice and pulp of orange
5. Coconut/almond/olive oil [optional; for dry skin]

1. Take Epsom salt and to that add orange peel powder. I made a fresh batch of orange powder for this DIY and my room was smelling amazing! 😀 Mix the two powders very well.

Refreshing Orange Bath Salt1

2. Add the pulp and juice of 2-3 orange wedges depending on how you want your bath salt to be. I added pulp of 2 wedges because I wanted my bath salt to be on the drier side.

Refreshing Orange Bath Salt2

3. If you are a citrus lover like me, then add 2-3 drops of orange/lemon essential oil.

Refreshing Orange Bath Salt3

4. Give everything a good mix and you are done!

Refreshing Orange Bath Salt4

Take some bath salt and add either rose water/milk/honey/oil to it and then use it. On days when my skin is dry, I’ll use some oil, but otherwise rose water is good enough!

Refreshing Orange Bath Salt5


1. Oranges:
• Oranges contain antioxidants which slow down the ageing process.
• They contain a good amount of vitamin c.
• Natural oils present in oranges can help to moisturise the skin.
• Oranges are known for their astringent and toning properties too!
2. Epsom salt:
• Epsom salt is known to soothe the body, ease stress and relax your mind.
• It also relieves muscular pain, removes blackheads, body odour, and dead skin cells and smoothens out rough skin.

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