The Nature’s Co Tangerine-Ginger Bath Salt – Not At All a Necessity for the Bath Routine!

The Nature’s Co Tangerine-Ginger Bath Salt Review

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The current season is super dull and relaxing on the other side. I mean I always want to sleep and lie on the bed and do nothing. But unfortunately that dream does not get fulfilled! I feel soo lazy taking bath these days and my mom has to push me into the washroom like a small kid and yells at me to take bath; I love how our moms treat us, we will always remain a small kiddo to them. Coming to today’s product, I got a bath salt which would actually relax me when I am taking bath. Because after a tiring day you need something that will help you relax and de-stress you. So let’s see how this worked.

The Natures co bath salt


Rs 175 for 75 gms

Product description:

Soak in the stimulating and soothing properties of Tangerine and Ginger. Tangerine will open pores and speed out toxins from congested skin. While Ginger will heal and soothe. For a scented, pampering bath treat, sprinkle a small quantity into running bath water or an indulgent soak.

The Natures co bath salt

My Experience with The Nature’s Co Tangerine-Ginger Bath Salt.

Bath salts aren’t that famous if we go to see the beauty dictionary. All we have known about is bubble baths or bath bombs. Bath salts have been pretty limited. So here I am with one. The bath salt comes in a test-tube shaped cylindrical bottle. It is made up on transparent plastic so you can always have a check on the product used up. The cap is a nice bright orange one and has to be opened only with the help of nails. That is pretty inconvenient! I can’t afford a bath salt bottle breaking my precious nails. So the packaging could have been a bit convenient.

The Natures co bath salt

The quantity is a lot if you are just going to soak your feet or something, but for a bath tub you need a larger quantity. Then this might get exhausted in just 2-3 times. So I think the quantity is pretty less. The bath salt has small and big crystals of scented salt. They are orange in color which resembles tangerine and ginger. The big ones are hard and the smaller ones get crushed up easily. They immediately dissolve the moment they are put in the water. The fragrance is similar to the aromatherapy products that we used.

The Natures co bath salt

The fragrance is very much citrusy and smells of fresh tangerines along with a pure aromatic hint. It does smell amazing and it relaxes the mind a lot. It calms you down when you bathe with water added with this. It totally de-stresses the body and the mind too. My skin not only looked fresh but felt fresh as well. The moment I was pouring water I felt hydration and moisture on my skin and skin started feeling smooth. After bath, my skin felt very smooth and silky. It had a minor glow on the skin. It remained super silky through-out the day. My skin is not dry so I did not need a moisturiser through-out the day.

The Natures co bath salt

Now coming to what it actually claimed. I couldn’t really understand their claim. They told it will open up my pores and detoxify it; now how do I know whether it is actually doing so? If anyone can understand, please let me know or rather I ask the people who made this lol; Second claim was it will soothe the skin and yes it did make my skin extremely silky; so it gets good marks here. The third claim was it will heal my skin; so heal what? I don’t know how it could heal my skin. Although some dry patches were gone from the skin; but I did not understand what they tried to claim. Overall though the product worked fine, but I don’t think there is a necessity to put our money into this one. It doesn’t really do much!

Pros of The Nature’s Co Tangerine-Ginger Bath Salt:

  • Comes in a handy bottle and the packaging is cute
  • The crystals have a very fresh citrusy aroma
  • It calms down the mind and makes us feel super relaxed
  • Could be used as a soak for manicure or pedicure
  • It gave a slight glow to my skin and made my skin look and feel fresh
  • It made my skin super silky and a bit tight
  • I do not have dry skin; but this moisturized it enough for winters

Cons of The Nature’s Co Tangerine-Ginger Bath Salt:

  • This is not at all a necessity
  • I did not really get their claim; opening the pores and detoxifying them; but how do I understand whether it does so or not; my skin looked the same
  • They claimed of healing the skin; but how? What healing are they talking about?
  • If considered a bath tub for a soak, then the quantity is too less for the price; it will get over in just 2 turns
  • The fragrance does not last

Would I repurchase/recommend The Nature’s Co Tangerine-Ginger Bath Salt?

No not really. Because I think the hot water is enough to relax us very well. Something like this would be no use to us actually. Hence, I won’t get this and would call it a total skip for you guys too!

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Conclusion: I would rather prefer using it by directly rubbing on my skin like an exfoliator and I think it will work better that way. Because as a bath salt it did not do anything that visible!

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    1. totally arpita… mom has gone out of station for 2 days and i miss her sooo much 🙁 yes skip it for sure.. not worthy 🙁 thankooo 😉

    1. hahaha yeah it does wake me up too and on the contrary it puts me back to sleep lol 🙂 yes this was unique indeed but a waste 🙁

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