DIY Anti-Bloating Flavored Water

Hi ladies!

Summers are here in full swing and who likes to drink plain ol’ water on hot summer days. Today I will tell a very simple recipe of flavored water that will get your digestive juices flowing and help with your bloating and it tastes great too.

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DIY Anti-Bloating Flavored Water

• Filtered water
• A piece of ginger
• Lemon
• Mint leaves
• Cucumber
• Watermelon (optional)


1. Cut lemon and cucumber in very thin circular slices.

2. Take a bottle or a jar. Fill it with water.

3. Add sliced lemon and cucumber to it.

4. Now add 6-7 mint leaves.

5. Add a small piece of ginger.

6. 1-2 big pieces of watermelon too could be added for more flavor.

7. Keep the bottle in the fridge overnight to completely let the flavors infuse.

I make this water on every second day. I make it at night and keep the bottle in the refrigerator overnight and it lasts me 2 days. I refill the water and it still tastes great. Cucumber and watermelon add sweetness to it. If you will put too much of mint leaves your drink will taste bitter (mine did, and I think it was because of excess of mint). I have been drinking this water from last 10 days and I love the flavor of it.

Benefits of Ingredients Used:

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Water is water. I mean it does everything! We need water to sustain life. It provides hydration and also help to break down fat cells from our body. In summers water becomes all the more important. I don’t even feel like eating on hot summer days, water is the only thing that keeps me going.

It will help you feel full and it has various antioxidants that reduce the bloating. Cucumbers also helps in water retention.

Mint leaves:
It helps to break down fats and stimulates digestive enzymes. It will soothe your stomach cramps and will give also give you better oral hygiene.

It helps to boost the metabolism, reduces the morning sickness and relives from heart burn.

Lemons are rich in citric acid. It activates detoxifying enzymes and detoxifies the kidneys and helps to flush out excessive toxins from the system.

DIY Anti-Bloating Flavored Water55

Adding watermelon to this recipe gives the liver that extra boost that it needs to flush out toxins from the body and even excess ammonia too.

Personal Experience:
• It’s always better to add flavor to normal water and it tastes really nice
• I actually feel refreshed and energetic after drinking this water
• It is a great drink for those lazy summer days
• It is better than those diet colas, nimbu-panis and all those summer saviors
• I strongly recommend you make it and do tell me how you liked the taste

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