DIY- Detox Water Face Mist with Vitamin E

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Detox water is great to keep skin hydrated. I usually love to drink Detox water in a daily basis. During summer we mostly use cucumber and lemon as Detox ingredients. But today I have use some more ingredients as my Detox skin toner or skin mist. As I have oily skin but in this winter my skin becomes normal to dry. But sometimes it feels little oily around my T zone. So my regular face mist makes my skin little dry. I am so confused about my skin.

face mist

I have found this new idea for skin mist with Detox water. Detox water keeps skin hydrate for a long time. Detox water are full of oxygen. It makes skin youthful and moisturized. It cleans your face and body to its depth. It keeps skin hydrated without makes it oily. Also it helps to reduce my pimple and makes skin clear. So let’s get into this easy procedure.

You will need:


Strawberry: Strawberry is quite a popular fruit for its yummy taste, but it also works well on all skin types. It helps to improve skin complexion, and to removes scars and spot. It works on acne and pimples, and keeps them at bay. It keeps skin toned up naturally and makes skin fresher & brighter. It has a beautiful smell which makes your toner amazing and fresh.

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Kiwi: Kiwi has so many nutrients like Vitamin C, E and antioxidants. It works well as a Detox ingredient. It keeps skin healthy and rejuvenating. Kiwis make skin young and maintain elasticity of skin with a healthy glow. It can fight skin problems like pimple, acne, excess sebum etc. Also, kiwis can help repair skin texture.

Orange: Orange is excellent source of vitamin C. It helps to look young and glowing. Regular usages of orange juice make skin bright and clear. It also prevent from acne, dark spot. Oranges are also rich of anti oxidant. It helps to keep skin hydrate and detoxify the skin. It is a great ingredient to cleaning the clogged skin pores. It can control oil from face.

Tomato: Tomato is rich of Vitamin A and C. It is an amazing anti tan product. It works very quickly for tan. It gives a fresh look. It makes skin even and spotless. It is also a great natural ingredient for sensitive skin.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a skin saver ingredient for all skin type. It provides deep hydration and makes skin super moisturized. It is rich in antioxidant so it helps to breathe skin nicely. It works as anti ageing properties to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Also it works on spot and blemishes and provides a smooth clear skin.


1. Chop all the fresh fruits in a tray and keeps them nicely.

2. Now take 1 Mason jar of fresh water and put all the chopped fruits in the Mason jar.

detox water in mason jar

3. Nicely shake the jar and keep the jar in refrigerator overnight.

4. You can drink this water as a Detox water before putting the vitamin E.

detox water

5. And when the color turns in pink store only the water in a spray bottle.

detox water in bottle and vitamin E

6. Now take a capsule of vitamin E. Pinch the capsule and add the inside oil in the stored Detox water. Mix them nicely.

add vitamin E to spray

7. Spray it all over your face as a face mist. Or take this on a cotton ball and apply as a face toner.

swatch on hand

I am using this face mist since last 2 weeks now and it just so refreshing and great for skin. As I am using some amazing ingredients and keep it overnight so the plain water turns in a sweet strawberry smelling face mist. It smells so good and fruity. It is very light weighted and feels non sticky and non oily on skin. I couldn’t find any different from the market available face mist. So it feels like a luxury fruity face mist. As I have added Vitamin E it helps to keeps my skin balanced. It suits all most all skin type. It can easily absorb into skin and gives a fresh smooth skin. Vitamin E helps to provide a deep nourishing skin. After using this mist I have noticed less-pores on my skin. It helps to mattify my skin with a smooth soft texture. I generally love to use this face mist in morning and night both. In morning I love to use this as a face mist and it always gives an energetic face. And at night I prefer to use this as a skin toner to keep my skin healthy and it works better more than any others skin toner. Overall I must suggest you to try this at least once. It surely works great for all skin type. Hope you enjoy this

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