Homemade Toners for Dry Skin

Homemade Toners for Dry Skin

Dry skin requires particular care and attention as it is prone to a variety of problems.

Toning is an important part of your day to day beauty care regime .After cleansing your face properly, it is of utmost importance to tone your face to absorb the excess oil from the surface of your skin and remove the leftover traces of dirt. Why spend money for something when you can whip up facial toners cheaply at home?


Try out our hand-picked home remedies that are sure to take you closer to the smooth skin you desire.

Rose Water Toner

Mix 100 ml of rose water, 1 drop of chamomile oil and 1 drop of geranium oil together. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle and shake well, apply this mix on your face daily after cleansing. This is the best natural face/skin toner for normal to dry skin.

Rice Water Toner

First thing you do is fill your bowl with half a cup of rice. Fill the bowl up with water. Make sure the water is about an inch above the rice. Stir it up really good. Make sure the water appears cloudy. Pour the water inside a cup and then into the jar. You have now made your own rice toner. Wet your cotton pad/ball and wipe your face after it is washed. This helps remove any impurities in your face.

Milk Toner

Keep aside a 4 tsp. of raw milk before you put it to boil for your morning coffee/tea. Add a few drops of rose water/ lime and rub it all over your body and wash with cold water. Do this twice a day. And your skin will feel baby soft.


Lemon Juice Toner

Mix together 2 tbsp. lemon juice, 1 tbsp. glycerine and 3 tbsp. rose water and apply with cotton wool.

Rose Water and Chamomile Oil Toner

Take 1 cup of rose water and add 3 drops of each of sandalwood essential oil, lavender essential oil and Frankincense essential oil. Mix well and then add 1 drop of chamomile essential oil. Pour the mixture in dark glass bottle and shake well before using it as a toner.

Milk and Coconut Water Toner

Peel and slice 1 small cucumber and place in a blender or food processor and puree. Strain the cucumber so only the juice is left. Now add 1/4 cup milk and 1/4 cup coconut water in it. Mix all of the ingredients well and store in glass jar. Apply to skin with a cotton ball, let dry and then rinse off with water.


Have you tried any of the above tricks earlier, if not then go ahead and avail the benefits and if yes then tell us how effective it was?

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