Homemade Rose Water Toner: Do It Yourself

Homemade Rose Water Toner: Do It Yourself

Heyya Damsels!!

Today, I am sharing a DIY of a product which is dear to all of us i.e., rose water. Although rose water is easily available in the market being sold by various brands but nothing beats homemade rosewater and this one is the purest form of rose water with additional benefits. We all are aware of the benefits of rose water, it is a great cleanser and aids in removing oils from the clogged pores. It reduces redness and has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in removing impurities from the face and has great toning properties. In short, it is a great magical liquid!!


Things Needed:

How to make rose water at home

  • Fresh plucked rose petals.
  • Rose oil (optional).
  • Lavender Oil.
  • Distilled/Filtered water.


1. Let us first see the process of making rose water. Today, I will be sharing two methods of making rose water:

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  • Direct extraction process.
  • Steam distillation process.

Direct Extraction:

    • Wash the fresh plucked rose petals and place them in a glass bowl along with distilled water enough to cover the petals. For 100 ml of water, use petals of 3-4 flowers.

Homemade Rose Water 2

  • Now, either microwave it or put it on flame and simmer it until the petals lose their color.
  • Now, strain the rose water and let it cool.

Steam- Distillation Process:

    • Take a pan and keep a bowl in the centre (you can place it on a stone also to prevent it from floating or just add some weight in the bowl itself).

Homemade Rose Water 3

    • Now add rose petals and distilled water around the bowl.

Homemade Rose Water 4

    • Now, take a lid and invert it so that the tapered side is on the inner part. Put it on the pan and cover it completely so that no heat comes out.

Homemade Rose Water 5

    • Switch on the stove and put it on simmer flame. Let it boil. Add some ice on top of the lid, this will speed up the process of precipitation and more droplets will form on the lid.

Homemade Rose Water 6

Homemade Rose Water 7

    • These droplets will slowly get collected in the bowl via tapered lid.

Homemade Rose Water 8

    • This liquid is the purest form of the rose water. Let it cool and transfer it to spray bottles.
    • Now, we have the rosewater ready. You can either use as it is. It is equally beneficial but I like it to be more concentrated. So, add 10-12 drops of rose oil in 100 ml of quantity.

Homemade Rose Water 9

Homemade Rose Water 10

    • Now, add 9-10 drops of lavender oil in the liquid and shake well and your rose water toner is ready.

Homemade Rose Water 11

  • Refrigerate it and use it every day and at any time of day. It is very good and refreshes your face instantly.

Homemade Rose Water 12

P.S: You might be wondering that my rose water looks amber in color and honey-like. The reason is that I had put too much petals required for that much quantity of water.  Please do not put too much petals in the water, otherwise the water will turn dark in color.  You would want to have it light pink in color.

Few Tips:

  • You can add dry rose petals to the rose water if you do not have rose oil.
  • Add some witch hazel to give it astringent like properties.
  • You can freeze this rose water. So whenever your face needs a kick, just grab an ice cube and glide it all over your face.
  • You can use it as an everyday hair-treatment, just add 10-15 drops of rosemary oil to this solution and voila your hair concoction is ready. You can use it daily for your dose of scalp moisturisation.

Hope you all liked my this DIY and will try it at home. Until then, stay rosey rosey!!

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20 thoughts on “Homemade Rose Water Toner: Do It Yourself

  1. Very useful one.. *happydance* For how many days will it lasts? I had tried it ones but it started stinking a bit the next day.. *cry* How to preserve it? 🙂

  2. wow i am sooo trying this *woot* *woot* *woot* who doesn’t want natural rose water but at times we get some which are very artificial *headbang* this is a perfect one *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. hi Nisita…. you can use coconut oil..provided it suits ur hair…the reason I used olive oil cos it works great with castor oil….coconut oil will be a bit too heavy…and the capsules cost around 100 bucks…I think 🙂

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