DIY: Face and Eye Makeup Remover

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I have become addicted to DIY beauty products now days. I love DIY products because these are free of nasty chemicals and are inexpensive. Today the DIY is on makeup remover.

removing makeup

I have used a lot of store-bought makeup removers. Some of them sting my eyes badly while others were heavy on my pocket. Then I used olive oil as makeup remover. It was good, as a makeup remover. It removed all sorts of waterproof makeup; but the only problem was that it made my face too oily. After experimenting with many things I came across this DIY make up remover. Scroll down to know how I made this makeup remover.

• Extra virgin olive oil: 1 ½ tbsp
• Sweet Almond oil: 1 tbsp
• Jojoba oil: 1 Tbsp
• Argan oil : 13-15 drops
• Distilled water: 10 ml
• Aloe Vera gel: Not measured but around 1 tbsp
• Empty glass bottle: I used sterilized lakme nail enamel remover bottle (27 ml). You can use any glass bottle or transparent plastic bottle.

Face and Eye Makeup Remover ingredients

1. Pour 10 ml (2 tubes) of distilled water into the glass bottle. You can get distilled water from any medical store.
Face and Eye Makeup Remover step 1

2. Pour aloe vera gel into the water approximately 1tbsp.
Face and Eye Makeup Remover step 2

3. Add 1 ½ tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive oil.
Face and Eye Makeup Remover step 3

4. Add 1 tbsp sweet almond oil in the bottle.
Face and Eye Makeup Remover step 4

5. Add 1 Tbsp Jojoba oil and 13-15 drops of argan oil.
Face and Eye Makeup Remover step 5

Now shake the bottle so that all the ingredients get mixed thoroughly and your makeup remover is ready.
Face and Eye Makeup Remover ready

Let’s test the makeup remover now. I have used the following makeup products: (from right to left)
1. Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Waterproof Mascara
2. Lotus Colourkick Kajal
3. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
4. Colourbar Crème Touch Lipstick (Red Heart)
5. Mac Pro Longwear Lip Pencil (Trust In Red)

Face and Eye Makeup Remover demo

To Use:
Soak the cotton pad with this makeup remover and gently press onto the eyes and wipe it after two minutes. Use it on face similarly.

Benefits of each ingredient:
1. Extra virgin olive oil: Removes waterproof mascara very easily. Helps in repair of the skin, giving it a youthful glow.
2. Sweet almond oil: Absorbs into the skin easily and does not clog the pores.
3. Jojoba oil: It is close to natural skin sebum; hence the best oil to be used for face.
4. Argan oil: Argan Oil is not only 100% effective as a makeup remover; but it also moisturizes your face at the same time.
5. Aloe vera gel: This is a miracle ingredient. I used this because it binds the oil and water together and hence my problem of binding oil and water is removed. It is great cleanser for all skin types.
6. Distilled water: It is the purest form of water. I will suggest using distilled water for all homemade cosmetics. The shelf life of cosmetics increases with the use of distilled water. (You can get small 5 ml tubes at any medical store.)

I totally love this makeup remover. It removes all sorts of makeup. It does not sting my eyes. It saves a lot of money also. So now I can buy my favorite lipstick or eyeliner with the money which I spent on makeup removers. I have used a small glass bottle because this product is free of preservative so I prefer making it in small batches. This prevents wastage of the product.
If you feel your skin becomes oily after using this you can go ahead and use your face cleanser. I have normal to dry skin and this not only removes makeup but also nourishes my skin. After using this remover I use a washcloth soaked in warm water and just wipe my skin with it. I do not feel the need of using any cleanser after this (Similar to oil cleansing method). I just apply my moisturizer and sleep. I wake up with a glowing skin next morning.
Guys do try this makeup remover and enjoy the benefits!

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