DIY Sea Salt Relaxing Body Scrub


It’s just another weekend today, and I tried this amazing relaxing body scrub last night after my toddler fell asleep. My baby started crawling recently and now I know being a mommy is not a piece of cake! Motherhood is truly a blessing in its own way but responsibilities would weigh heavier than it did before. I get so tired by the end of day that I was trying ways to keep my mind and body relaxed, so I gave this homemade scrub a shot. This is a must-try for all the amazing homemakers, mothers, working women – everyone who works hard everyday and feels the need of some “me time” to keep themselves relaxed.


Ingredients needed:


⦁ Sea salt
⦁ Olive oil
⦁ Rose essential oil
⦁ Spoon for mixing
⦁ Measuring cup
⦁ Jar for storage

Step 1:

Fill an empty jar with a cup of sea salt.

Step 2:

Gradually pour in some olive oil into the jar containing salt. It is always a good idea to mix the oil after you drop some salt in the jar because dropping in oil to mix salt can make the mixture a little runny and oily. Then you would have to add more salt to achieve a proper consistency.

Step 3:

Add ten drops of rose essential oil from any brand according to the quantity of the scrub you wish to make.

Step 4:

Mix all the ingredients well and your relaxing body scrub is ready!

Step 5:

This is optional. If you wish to you can store the scrub in a jar and place it in a shelf of your bathroom and use it while you have shower. Now that the scrub ready, I’ve sniffed it a hundred times already because I can’t get enough of how beautiful it smells. You can now shut the door of your bathing room, enjoy some soft music, light some fragrant candles and indulge in the scrub you’ve made and relax a bit.


I had a very pleasant sound sleep last night and I felt completely relaxed like I’ve visited a spa some time before. The salt in the scrub not only exfoliates your skin but also contains minerals that add a glow to your skin. It not only removes dead skin cells but also promotes growth of healthy new cells. The rose oil acts as an antidepressant and completely relaxes your mind and uplifts your mood. You need not apply a moisturizer after your shower as the olive oil in the scrub has already done the job of moisturizing your skin.

How I store my body scrub:



So, that’s it! Give this a go and let me know your thoughts about the scrub in the comments below. Stay tuned for the review of Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma Magic Rosewood Essential Oil next! 🙂

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