Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash

Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash

Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash

I have a dry-combination skin and I like to use a foaming cleanser at least once a day, preferably in the morning. So, I always look for non-drying foaming cleansers. New Dove face wash range seems to be hot everywhere and I saw them in every other supermarket I went. I so wanted to try it and picked “Beauty Moisture” face wash, which is for normal to dry skin.

Dove Says:
Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Foam naturally lathers up a soft, creamy foam for that mild gentle feeling.
Dove has a unique ‘Deep Clean and Deep Moisture’ action:
• ‘1/4th moisturizing’ milk moisturizes your face, and its ‘moisture lock funstion’ retains moisture for longer.
• Rich Lather removes dirt and impurities effectively to give a deep clean feeling.
Because perfect cleansing is cleansing with care!


Rs. 70 for 50 g and Rs 125 for 100 g.



My Say:

On Packaging:

The face wash comes in a white tube with a dark blue flip cap. The flip cap is not too tight or not too tacky, but just the perfect fit to open and close easily. I don’t need to use my nails to open the cap unlike some other face washes 😀

Flip Cap

On Texture:

It is a white creamy face wash. All you need is just a drop of it.

Dove face wash

On Smell:

There is nothing very different going on from their regular moisturizing soap, but I could detect a bit of flowery smell added to it.

On Performance:

As I said before, a drop of the face wash is all you need to produce hand full of lather. It was very easy to wash off without any slipperiness, unlike the Dove soap and the other Dove face wash I have tried. Removes oil and dirt from face well. Also, my face does not feel dry at all after using this. I can easily delay applying a moisturizer.

To sum it up:


• Lathers pretty well with less product.
• It leaves my face very clean by removing oil and dirt.
• I like the pleasant smell.
• Did not dry out my skin after use.
• Leaves skin soft and supple


• It did not remove the kajal completely. Well, most foaming face washes fail at that point. That’s why I prefer to use it in the morning when I do not have any eye makeup.

Otherwise no other cons.

Finally, I guess Dove has improved their face wash formula and I’m quite liking it. It comes in a small 50 g tube as well, so you can just toss one in your purse too.

Rating: 3.75/5.

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20 thoughts on “Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash

  1. Nice review,Shilpi! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: But it’s not for me. I have oily/combi skin.Mainly oily. :nono: :nono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

    1. i have a combination skin Pragnya. It didn’t make my t-zone oily 🙂 But they anyway have a variant for oily skin too. Try that.

  2. i had the previous version of dove face wash (forgot the name)… it dried out my skin so much :yikes: :yikes: … so thought i would just skip any skin products from dove :smug: … glad the new one worked for you :methinks:

  3. im sticking with Himalaya neem for now.. will try this after it gets over…

    digressing from the topic lil bit.. but can someone tell me wat kind of makeup i shud do on my convocation.. im wearing a pure white dress.. iv never worn an only white drss before!! super scared.. 😮

  4. oh wow, shilpi. I really wanted to know about this one. 😀 I love dove soaps for winters. AM glad the face wash is equally nice. 🙂 Btw is it soap free face wash?

  5. Good to know that Dove makes face cleansers as well. I use their shampoos/conditioners quite regularly and thats really good.

    btw, did anyone pick up the latest Elle mag? they had done a survey of the top 150 makeup/haircare/skincare products some time back and they have the results in this edition. They had listed the top 3 in every category including cleansers, toners, concealers, foundation, anti-ageing etc. Olay was pretty popular in thei anti-ageing. Lakme and MAC were popular in some of the other categories like concealers, foundations etc (Studio fix).

  6. its looking good …….. :waytogo: …..3rd pics as hiding her eyes…. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: me agains read the artical by…….kahi ye jomoli ka tho nahi 😉 😉 😉

  7. Nice review. I have dry/combi skin too but I’m confused between this one and the pore-reduction one. Does this moisture wash help with pores? ?:)

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