10 Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Without any Electrical Appliance

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Hair is one of the most prized possessions for women. We love to style our hair in different ways. Not all of us are blessed with equally beautiful hair like Rati, but still, we try hard every day to pamper our tresses. And today, in this technological era, we have a lot of products at our disposal. Also, there are a lot of electric appliances with which you can style your hair in different ways. You can straighten them, curl them and what not! But, over the time, heat styling your hair impacts the health of your tresses. Our hair will be prone to hair fall, breakage and dryness. So, have a look at some quick and easy ways with which you can style your hair without the use of any electric appliance.

1. Beachy Waves with T-Shirt: Long hair is boring at times. And especially, when you have long straight hair, it’s super boring. So, why not wrap your old cotton T-shirt on your hair ends, and keep it for all night long. This way, in the morning, you can flaunt those naturally beautiful waves.

10 Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Without any Electrical Appliance2

2. Bubble Wrap Curls: Have you ever heard of bubble-wrapping your hair? Well, it might sound strange, but trust me, they will give you the best tight curls. And, they stay for quite long hours.

10 Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Without any Electrical Appliance4

3. Straighten Your Hair: Enough about curling, let’s talk about how to naturally straighten our hair. While your hair is wet, tighten some pins around your hair. And then, after some hours, let them loose. This way you will get naturally straight hair that would stay for a good amount of time.

4. Noodle Curls: All of us look super cute with those noodle curls. So, wrap your hair with twisted foil papers and leave them for as long as you can. Once you open them, you will see those gorgeous natural curls.

10 Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Without any Electrical Appliance7

5. Bantu Knots: Many of you might not even have heard about these knots. Well, these are the knots which are tightly done on your hair while dividing your hair into four sections. It will ensure that each knot is tighter. Once you release those knots, you will have those gorgeous beachy waves.

6. Toilet Papers: You might be carrying your phone to your washrooms. 😛 But, how to utilise this time by not actually flipping through your phone and using it in some other way. Take some toilet papers and wrap them around your hair ends. This way, you can flaunt those light wavy natural curls at the bottom.

10 Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Without any Electrical Appliance5

7. Oil: But, all of the above-mentioned ideas will work, only when you take care of your hair. And, in order to maintain your natural hair texture, it is important to regularly oil your hair. I have dry hair, and I oil them at least thrice a week. Also, I make sure to never shampoo my hair without oiling them.

8. Hair Mask: Also, using a hair mask once in a month will drastically improve your hair texture. This, in turn, will take care of your hair and ensure that your hair looks all smooth and shiny.

10 Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Without any Electrical Appliance1

9. Air Dry: You must always air dry your hair. Also, wrapping your hair in a towel for long hours will not solve your hair problems. Thus, the best way is to lightly towel dry your hair with a cotton towel and then, leave them to air dry.

10 Easy Ways to Style Your Hair Without any Electrical Appliance

10. Tie-tie: And last, but not the least, your hair should not always be left open. It attracts all the dirt and pollutants. That’s the reason why your hair falls flat very often. So, don’t forget to tie your hair regularly.

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