5 Quick Ways to Air Dry Your Hair Without Using a Hair Dryer

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We all know that blow-drying your hair isn’t only time-consuming but, they are surely one of the dangerous things we are doing to our hair. We know, hair dryers can actually damage your hair and also weaken the hair follicles from the roots. We all love to take a shower, wash our hair but, the problem arises when your hair is just not drying! If you are one who often deals with problems while drying your hair, here are five quick fixes to air dry them.


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1. Use of Conditioner:

Many of us are unaware of the fact that using a conditioner can actually dry your hair sooner. Due to the presence of silicones in all the conditioners, it helps to lock the moisture and dries away the water soon. However, you should avoid putting fingers in between your hair as there are chances of silicones to wash away. So, use a wide toothed brush and run it through the tresses soon after you apply the conditioner. This process will help in drying your hair quickly after a wet shower.


2. Avoid Using a Towel:

Many of us believe that, using a towel to dry your hair actually works. But, the fact is using a towel to and fro on your scalp to dry your hair is just damaging your hair. Instead, you can make use of an old soft fabric t-shirt or maybe a pillow cover to dry your hair fast. The fabric used in these garments are so fine that it helps to absorb the water from your hair without destroying them. Take a pillow cover and create a turban and wait for some time.


3. Have Your Breakfast:

Since you have formed a turban over your wet hair, start having your tea and breakfast. There is no point in sitting ideal with a turban on your scalp. You can do other works till the water gets completely soaked into the cloth from the scalp. Try doing things as much as you can as this will help in saving time.


4. Use a Right Hair Brush:

You should always use the right hair brush after you have taken a shower. Using a paddle brush with natural bristles or wide toothed comb can help in keeping your hair away from getting tangled with each other. Combing your hair in a wet condition can lead to hair breakage while on another hand, combing your hair when it is in a semi-dry state can add volume and proper shape to them.


5. Use a Leave-in Conditioner:

Using the right product is the key as it will help to keep your hair healthy and also dry quickly. So, instead of using your lightweight serum, go for a leave-in-conditioner. You should always search for a conditioner with natural plant extract in it as it will help to dry your hair sooner and faster without giving a frizz.


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