Wella Straighten It Intense Kit Review

Wella Straighten It Intense Kit

Hello lovelies,

Long ago I had done a post on how to do rebonding at home and I used wellastrate kit in it. This kit is a much better version from the brand Wella itself. I wanted to experiment using a better kit which would be much stronger than the one I used last time. My cousin wanted to get rebonding done so this time I choose this kit. Let’s see how this worked.

Price: Rs 450

Wella Straighten ItIntense Kit

Product description by Wella: This Intense formula can be used on normal to coarse hair. The instructions come with this and are easy to follow. You apply this with a brush and then comb through with a wide tooth comb. This is a salon professional product which is high quality and instructions should be fully adhered to. This product creates long lasting smoothness and makes the hair more manageable, and silky smooth.

Things you should know: This is not recommended on hair which is bleached, more than 30% highlighted or extremely porous.

Wella Straighten It IntenseKit

My experience with Wella Straighten It Intense Kit:

Step 1: Straightening cream

This cream is the first step in the process. It comes in white colour and the consistency is very thick. Hence it becomes very easy to apply through the hair. This cream actually makes the hair stick to the straightening boards that are used in the process. It makes the hair really straight but my cousin had layers so the ends were not that straight. It makes the hair a bit rough looking. But it forms a base by straightening the hair for further applications. It has a very obnoxious smell and actually the worst smell ever. It smells full of chemicals and very strong which is very irritating through the process. They said to keep the cream only for 15 minutes but we kept it for 1 hour because it does not give any results in 15 minutes is what my experience says. Remember to apply this cream 1 cm away from the scalp as it may cause hairfall if applied on scalp. My cousin did not feel any kind of irritation with this cream. So overall all the claims by the straightening cream were true.

WellaStraighten It Intense Kit

Step 2: Neutraliser

After the 1st cream, I ironed my cousin’s hair with a straightener. Then was the time for the neutralizer. The neutralizer has a watery consistency. It is not easy to apply this one because of its consistency. It smells bad too. The quantity was much more than we had expected and that was enough for the waist-length hair. It perfectly straightened the hair without any kinds of curves. Even those layers that were not straightened by the straightening cream were straight with the help of the neutralizer. The hair became pin straight after applying this. Your hands may get itchy while applying so gloves are must. Overall except for the messy factor, this cream was perfect.

Wella StraightenIt Intense Kit

Pros of Wella Straighten It Intense Kit:

-Easy to use and a full list of proper instructions is provided with it
-Does not cause any itching to the scalp incase it comes in contact( It should not enter the scalp technically)
-It does the work with ease without much of efforts
-The hair become pin straight by using the kit
-The straightening lasts for 8-9 months which is more than enough at that price
-This kit did not cause any hairfall or did not cause thinning of hair
-Available almost everywhere and belongs to a professional range so very trusted
-The quantity is really good and a little bit product may remain even after using

Wella Straighten It Intense Kit

Cons of Wella Straighten It Intense Kit:

-The smell of the contents is worst and full of chemicals which is very strong
-It mentions the contents to be kept only for 15 minutes but has to be kept for an hour for results
-Gloves are not accompanied with it which are a must to be worn by the person who is doing it
-The results last for a lesser time as it is a kit to be used at home

Will I repurchase/recommend Wella straighten it intense kit?

Yes of course I will! I loved the kit and so did my cousin. It gave pokey straight hair which we both love and hence this will be the priority next time I want to buy. All the people who want to try rebonding at home should go for this.

Rating: 4.8/5

Conclusion: This is a must try kit incase you plan to give yourself this luxurious treatment at home. It worked great and it did what it had to.

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  1. hey i have also use this and worked well for my hair too. i just love this product *jalwa* *jalwa*
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  3. this looks wooooowwwwww saloni. and what better than strightening like this at home!! sounds amazingg!!!! *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

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