5 Natural Ways to Straighten Hair at Home, Without the Heat

We, women, have always wanted flawless hair, like those of the models that we see in the TV in the shampoo/hair products advertisements. Their poker straight hair has always made us spell bound and we watched them with our jaws dropped. Many women long for straight hair; although wavy is currently dictating the fashion bazaar, because they look so pretty, and seem without and any frizz and fly-always. But, hair straightening is a whole lot of pain in the behind because, chemical straightening is very expensive, not to leave out keratin protein treatment as well. And maintaining them is like a huger bummer…it doesn’t only stop at that, those chemicals might not suit you and you may end up with really damaged hair. We all have straighteners and blow driers at home, using too much heat is also very unhealthy for hair.

But actually you can get straight and frizz free hair naturally at home, with ingredients available in your kitchen, and most importantly, without any HEAT.

1. Cold milk: Cold milk is one of the most renowned means to get straight hair at hair naturally.

How do you do it:

• Boil milk and cool it down buy storing it in the refrigerator
• Pour it in a spray bottle
• Section your damp (previously shampooed) hair in parts and spray it all over. Make sure every strand is covered
• Comb all the sections thoroughly
• Keep it on for 30-45mins
• Rinse it off with a mild shampoo, followed by a daily use conditioner
• It’ll not only give you straight hair but will also add substantial moisture

2. Castor oil

It’s the easiest to use.

• All you need to do is apply castor oil all over your hair, covering each strand.
• Wrap it in a towel, you might blow dry from over the towel, although it’s optional, but that helps the oil to be absorbed better.
• Keep it for 45-1hr (best if kept overnight).
• Shampoo it with a mild shampoo.
• Apply conditioner

3. Cold blow
For cold blowing all you need is a table fan, and a paddle brush.

• Shampoo you hair, condition it
• Apply serum/leave-ins
• Now turn your table fan on, in the highest mode ,
• Section your hair into two parts and bring each around the two shoulders
• sit with your one side towards the fan
• Now comb the hair on the side of the fan with the paddle brush continuously ,with the fan on .
• Be gentle
• Make sure your hair is tangle free.

4. Paddle brush: Paddle brush alone is a very good means to straighten your hair at home without heat. No matter whichever above option you choose, or doesn’t, paddle brush would always help in having your hair more straightened.

5. Coconut milk and lemon: These two are a golden pair went it comes to hair-health. Adds moisture, cleans dirt and build up, straighten and moisturizes hair and what not!!

• Take coconut milk according to your hair length /volume
• Add a whole lemon to it
• Mix it well and out it in the refrigerator. Allow it to cool down for 20mins
• Apply all over your hair.
• Keep for an hour
• Rinse it off with a mild shampoo, condition as usual.

Points to be noted:

I. All these above mentioned methods have been tried by me. They don’t give you a pin straight hair but it makes hair relatively straighter than before.

II. Weekly or fortnightly usage (of methods 1,2,5) would be beneficial for your hair in retaining moisture, making it shinier and healthier.

III. Point no.2 and 4 could be used after implementing any above mentioned methods.

IV. While towel drying hair, DO NOT rub it against your hair. Just dab it all over so as to have all the excess water soaked. Rubbing your hair against towel while wet, makes hair frizzy and becomes more prone to breakage.

Hope this post was useful.

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8 thoughts on “5 Natural Ways to Straighten Hair at Home, Without the Heat

  1. I have straight hair naturally but they tend to get turned outwards at the ends …. and by trying this methods will ma hair get flat ????

  2. Wow really great tips *clap* i always want my hair to be straight and these tips will help a lot *happy dance*

  3. I will surely try this at home. Straightening hair with heat causes so much damage to my hair. I’m glad I read this post of yours.

  4. For my stubborn 3b curls, none of the methods work.I tried coconut and lemon, castor oil, paddlebrush methods. They do make my hair a lil softer and manageable but straightening is out of question. *pigtail* Good to know it worked for you. And I really appreciate your article’s concept of using natural methods instead of opting for chemical treatments. That’s always a wise choice. *haan ji*

  5. i have alwyz wanted straight hair …. hope these method help me …
    surely gonna try them ..thank you so so so much *happydance* *happydance* ..
    will these method work on thick curly-wavy hair or these tips are meant for fine hair ???

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